Realign and refocus.

I’ve recently come back from a week of dog sitting in Portsmouth. I would say it was a holiday but sitting around watching TV in your brother-in-laws house is not quite on par with sitting on a beach drinking cocktails. It was nevertheless a great opportunity to catch up with as many people as possible and eat all the crap takeaway food that Dawlish denies. Also the dogs were lovely so wins all round.

The trip back also allowed me to pursue some guilt free reminiscence. Gunwharf Quays, Southsea, the torrent of blue clad Pompey fans pouring out of Fratton Park – Portsmouth remains a chaotic mix of poverty and wealth wrapped up with some of the most honest people I have met.


Taking on board this recent experience and brining it back to my life in Devon has been quite positive for me. Firstly it’s reminded me that I need to concentrate on the hobbies that I enjoy as well as the people that make them what they are. That means more gaming, writing and miniature gaming – and ideally with some of the new (and old) friends that I have down here.

Next on the list is staying fit and healthy. Physically that means swimming more to help with my flexibility (and coupling that with the cycling and dog walks I should be doing okay). Mentally that means less time scrolling on shit like Facebook and more time on activities that enrich my mental wellbeing. That’s a vague statement I know but it does encompass quite a lot!

Then there’s work. My job, in principle, should be straightforward. But the reality is it’s a very demanding role for all the wrong reasons. In essence I care far too much about things that shouldn’t matter and neglect the things that should so, as of tomorrow, I aim to start rectifying that. Part of this attitude has been thanks to talking to my friends back in Portsmouth about their work lives and contrasting it with mine so thanks to you all for inadvertently helping me.


The downside to all this is that my blogging will continue to take a hit. I’ve always felt that the best artists are often the most miserable or messed up. Having a quiet and peaceful life in Devon is not conjunctive with writing about hard issues; both personal and worldwide. The drama of society and the misery in the news seems miles away from me in a town where the biggest news story in months was about the positioning of a gorilla statue.

So thank you Portsmouth for helping me find myself once more. The upheaval of the last nine months has been hard but I now find myself in a position where I feel that I can really push forward with some new goals as well as making sure that I look after myself.

Game on Smithy.

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