Coming up for air.

What happened? I blacked out! Regular readers of my monthly updates that ran last year will have learnt that Lucy and I moved to Devon after many years in Portsmouth. Understandably there have been quite a few things going on what with moving house and starting new jobs and finding new places to walk Monty and all that. And so, as it’s been well over two months since my last blog I thought it’s about time I finally started updating you!


Firstly Devon is lovely. We’ve had pretty much all the weather that winter can throw at you and each day has either been beautiful, atmospheric or downright scary! Things have worked out well for us so far but I do know we both need to start socialising a bit more. I’ve had some nice messages and offers of catch ups from old friends from Devon plus plenty of messages from people back in Portsmouth. Thank you all for thinking of us! We will meet up again soon.

Personally I bloody miss my regular games of Warhammer. Dawlish probably has little bastions of nerds hiding out together but there’s no dedicated gaming club here. I’m thinking I may create one one day or perhaps stick around in Exeter one night after work and actually hang out at a proper nerd space.

For anyone thinking about moving across country I can say this from experience. Firstly – it will work out more expensive than you realise. Budget as high as possible and prepare yourself for uncertainty. Secondly – make sure you have a network to integrate with no matter how small it is. Just having my parents relatively close makes things more bearable especially when things like your dog walker bails on their business after 2 weeks.


Thirdly prepare yourself for pleasant surprises. Like getting three job offers in two weeks. Like discovering new things and new people who help you see the world in a different light. I realise you can totally do this where you are right now – you can forge your own path and discover new things without having to leave your home town.

But I tried that. I really did. In Portsmouth I was a Special Constable, I volunteered for the Lib Dems, supported the local council and went to a myriad of art shows and presentations wanting to support my local community. I tried my hand at so much and applied for so many jobs and voluntary projects but yet I still seemed to stay exactly where I was. Lucy on the other hand managed to forge her exit for both of us and now we live here; in a small town by the sea.

I’ll try and write a bit more regularly now we’re more settled here. There’s still Japan to write about (in progress!) and many more ideas tucked in the depths of my mind. Thanks for reading and I hope to share more with you soon.

(P.S. The cover photo is from a game called Cuphead. I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate and I thought it deserved sharing as it’s a little awesome)


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