November Update

Yes these blogs are getting later. No I don’t care because life has been busy. Here’s the reasons why:

1) Get a new job or find a way of making current role more enjoyable.

Got a bank staff role at a regional university, that will (hopefully) give me some money when I move down in a few weeks. It made sense to continue working for an organisation that I have experience in until I figure out what I really want to do with myself. Good news is I have enough money to tie me over for a while so all in all I can say mission accomplished on this one.

2) Explore Japan with Lucy.

The glow has faded but the memories remain. This was such a great holiday and I still have fond memories about it. Like floating in my birthday suit under the open sky in an onsen. Or the awesome tiny bars like the one pictured below. So, so glad that I got to go.

Tiny 8 seat bar in Kyoto.

3) Actually paint some miniatures.

Well I finished six more Cadians. Knowing that I’m moving has been more about selling toy soldiers rather than painting ones so this will likely sit on the back burner till we’ve moved. Which leads me nicely on to…

4) Sell some of the dead weight.

Due to my relocation my Portsmouth war-gaming buddies are buying me out of a ton of terrain. That’s £100 right there. Ben bought some plastic crack off me, I’ve sold some more stuff on Ebay and elsewhere online and I’m heading towards the £200 mark for this month alone. I’ve also sold my Wii U having (finally) completed Zelda. £150 all in. Looking forward to totalling this all up at the end of the year!


5) Look after myself a lot more.

I’m super stressed. I’ve also been very low on a number of days due to work and the background stresses conspiring with general tiredness. As of now I have three and a half days left of employment and I am thoroughly looking forward to a brief break.

I’m still drinking a little too much but my general health is okay. Just need to look after my mind a lot more and stop worrying so much.

6) Read more and challenge my own opinions.

Been trundling through Deliverance Lost which has been okay. I need to find some new books to delve into during those long quiet spells that are bound to happen when we move.

Have also been watching Dear White People on Netflix which has been interesting to say the least and also pretty funny. Actually makes me want to read up more about that aspect of life in American Academia so good job Netflix.


7) Move to Devon!

It’s rolling on. The rental place is signed and paid for. Lucy still doesn’t have a start date but apparently she still has a job to go to ‘at some point’. I’ve talked about my new job so I’m sorted. One real positive is that Lucy has passed her driving test so will be able to share the load on the road. Also she has been stellar sorting out all of the contracts/address changes and all the shite that is associated with moving house.

Cooper – you’re a legend.


8) Blog weekly.

Failed pretty badly on this. I’ve tried writing some blogs but most evenings have been quite hectic and most days have been too busy. I’m currently missioning this one on my lunch break. Maybe down in Devon I’ll get to write more. We’ll wait and see!

That was November, written in December, because life has got busy. I’m looking forward to wrapping things up next month in a Farewell to 2017. It has been a proper mental year and definitely far from what I expected at the start of it! Thanks for reading, humans!

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