Planning the adventure: Japan day 13-14

We will return to Tokyo for the last leg of our trip. As a change from Air BnBs and traditional Accommodation such as Minshukus, Ryokens (and a Capsule Hotel) we’re going to stay for two nights in a pretty standard hotel. Nothing fancy, just a centrally located place for us to grab souvenirs, check out a few final sights and and wind down from our hectic travelling and exploration.


One of the final sights that I want to do is the Tokyo Skytree. This is the tallest structure in Japan and also has an amazing viewing platform where we (hopefully) will get to enjoy stunning views of Tokyo and beyond. Aside from that we may try and go to places we missed the first time we arrived or even revisit or whatever. I’m keeping the activities fairly open ended as I don’t want to be shackled to a specific plan.


God knows how we’ll feel after two weeks of travelling around. Lucy and I have never done anything like this. I’ve booked everything myself. Hotels, Transfers, Flights. I’ve had to communicate with some places using Google Translate and hope.

Once we return I will give overall feedback on the accommodation and likely a photo dump with captions. My expectations are exceedingly high and I’m trying to lower them so that I don’t get disappointed (silly I know). Ultimately we will make the best of the journey come rain or shine and I cannot wait to share with you my overall thoughts of a country that has fascinated me for as long as I can remember.


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