August Update

Birthdays, road trips, bank holidays and other adventures. August was nice and busy.  The sun shone by the end of it but despite all the rain I’ve had some pretty lovely days with friends and family. As for the goals:

1) Get a new job or find a way of making current role more enjoyable.

Two days after my last blog post I got a rejection email for the job I went for. There was an offer of feedback for the role which I asked for but all they said is that they couldn’t comment on individual applications. Which is shit.

There is however the strong likelihood that my job situation will change whether I like it or not soon. Possibly as soon as next month. I will elaborate on this as soon as something definite happens and sorry to be vague at this time.

2) Explore Japan with Lucy.

Sharing the airspace around Japan with North Korean ICBMs is not what I wanted to add to my list of worries for travel. I hate flying enough as it is without the middle worry of a mid air collision with a missile.

Still going though. Still excited. All the hotels have confirmed our bookings. Everything I can think of bar a couple of tiny things have been sorted. Just a case of sitting pretty and waiting for the fun to begin.


3) Actually paint some miniatures.

Paint a unit a week; who am I kidding eh? My painting dropped off in August. I almost finished a six man weapon team but I’ve just lost momentum. I’ll get it back at some point I’m sure.

4) Sell some of the dead weight.

Sold some old rule books which were sat collecting dust as well as a single miniature. Another £50 to add to the whole in my bank account. Soon I’ll be hitting the loft to have a proper clear out of the really old shit.

Really chuffed with the progress I’ve made on this. I have obviously spent too much money on toys over the last twenty years.

5) Look after myself a lot more.

My Devon trip really recharged me with two full days being enough to remind me that there is a good life outside Portsmouth. My parents were fantastic and really looked after us. They are sometimes hard on themselves about many things but I think they’ve been pretty exceptional role models for me. They’ll probably never read this but if you are, kudos guys.

Their attitude (and Lucy’s best efforts here) have really perked me up this month. Been making the best of where I am by getting down the beach as much as I can. Basically I’m being a lot kinder to myself.


6) Read more and challenge my own opinions.

Read Charlotte Street which was a fun little novel. Fancied something completely different and it delivered a fun little story. Now working out what to get next as I’ll probably take it with me to Japan.

Despite not thinking that I’ve challenged my opinions in previous posts, on reflection I’ve been subtly changing for years – let alone the last few months. When I think of the people I’ve met, the events I’ve been too and the friends I’ve made I actually am a completely different person. Becoming more broad-minded has definitely improved my outlook on life.


7) Finish the copy editing and proofreading course even if I’m not really enjoying it.

A new goal will be revealed soon. Honest!

8) Blog weekly.

Only two this month and one share of a friends blog. Plus no real original writing for a while. Must try harder!


I’m not entirely sure where August went. It’s genuinely flown by but I’m still largely feeling better in myself and am happy with what’s going on. This months comments have been short and sometimes vague but hopefully you’ll all understand what’s going on soon.

Keep peachy. X


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