Planning the adventure: Japan day 8-12

Welcome back to the Japan travel blog! You know how the last one was about a bit of relaxation? Well that’s because the next stage of our journey is crazy busy! On the way back from Seketei, and over five days, we hope to visit:

Hiroshima: Because a visit to the peace memorial seems like the right thing to do. It’ll certainly be a unique and humbling experience.


Ōkunoshima: Because a trip to an island full of rabbits may well be the perfect cure for the sadness of a city that was obliterated by nuclear weapons.


Kyoto: Because this is where we will be staying for five nights! So much to see here from the many temples to the bamboo forest of Arashiyama.

blog arashiyama 3

Nara: Because this temple is fucking huge.


Osaka: Because we’ll be bored of temples and might fancy some crazy nightlife.

Osaka, Japan at Dotonbori Canal

And many many other places. Sorry to whistle through the list but let’s face it, you probably don’t need to know about the tourist spots you’ve already heard of. What you might be interested in is where we’re staying. I’ve already talked about staying at 9hours in Kyoto (we have to give a capsule hotel a go for one night). The other place we will be staying in is Chikako’s Air BnB. This basic (cheap) but functional looking flat looks like it’ll have all we need to explore the region. Chikako has already been a friendly host via email and we’re looking forward to meeting her and finding out more about her city. They even have the family restaurant downstairs which could be a bonus.

After a few days going alone it’ll be nice to have a bit of company – especially with someone who has so much local knowledge. Kyoto looks fantastic and is full to the brim with places to go and things to see. If anyone knows of a nearby onsen then that would be awesome so please comment below if you know of one!

Check in next time for the last two days of our travels. Thank you for reading!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anne N says:

    The rabbits are too cute! 🙂

    1. syndathim says:

      They really really are. Have you seen the videos of people being smothered by them?

      1. Anne N says:

        Oh my… soo cute!! Thanks for the vdo 😀

  2. Tofu says:

    Amazing adventure!!!

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