July Update

The picture is of some Japanese money I was given today. It’s the first time I’ve held a Japanese Banknote and they’re quite beautiful in their own way. Thank you to the kindly soul who gave them to us. You’ve helped us so much already.

It’s been a real varied month. Some real stresses at home and work but some wins nonetheless. I think I’ve burnt myself out trying to do too much but I’ve got a little bit of time off coming soon which will help. Anyway I ain’t dead yet so there’s always more energy to push that bit further right?

Writing these monthly updates, occasionally, feels a little silly. Why publish my mediocre aims for the world to see? Who cares?

Well, largely this is an experiment. To see how I get on with a public set of goals and to see what it’s like having people interact with me when I talk openly about my aims. I’ve certainly heard more about jobs from people I barely know because of it! I’ll review it all at the end of the year regardless.

1) Get a new job or find a way of making current role more enjoyable.

As the term comes to an end the pressure has disappeared a bit at work. The pace has slowed and now I’ll prepare myself for a month of quieter admin. A few friends have told me about new jobs elsewhere and I’m also applying for a role with my current employer. It’s been three months since I last put my head above the parapet so fingers crossed I might get lucky this time.

Waiting for special moment.
This is such an awful image it needed to be shared.

2) Explore Japan with Lucy.

Two months away now and some final checks are starting. Rechecking the itinerary to make sure I didn’t fuck up anything date wise, checking through all the booking emails to see that everything matches. I’ve never booked a holiday like this – normally I’m safe in the embrace of a travel agent. My travel plan blogs continue to be popular so that’s a win too!

3) Actually paint some miniatures.

25 Imperial Guardsmen now stand proudly on a shelf at home. I’ve done twenty over the last two weeks and have set up a plan where I’ll be doing a unit a week! It’ll be hard but it’ll be worth it. They look pretty good so far!

Pretty chuffed that I’ve painted so much this year. I am a notoriously lazy painter so this, for me, is a real achievement.


4) Sell some of the dead weight.

Sold some more Workshop. Got another £50. Probably will sell some of the Steel Legion guys too soon as I have a feeling they might turn out to be a new force in plastic. As the old saying goes – sell GW stuff when they haven’t released any plastics (I may have made that up).

I’ve made around £250 so far and hopefully I’ll get that figure to almost £500 by the end of the year. Awesome.

5) Look after myself a lot more.

Well I haven’t been doing great at this. Pretty tired lately but have booked some holiday as I said. Need to get back to Devon to recharge my country bumpkin batteries. Fresh air, good home cooking and a distinct lack of dog hairs (though Monty is totally coming with us).

I’m still maintaining my exercise and weight but I look like I’ve been wrung through a mangle. Must be kinder to self both mentally and physically.

6) Read more and challenge my own opinions.

All but done with Battle Circle which has been largely good. Was going to pick up some books on Sisters of Battle but there’s an omnibus coming out in September so will wait for that.

Watched some awesome stuff on Netflix lately – The Keepers is excellent viewing and a painful story about abuse, cover ups and survival. The Handmaids Tale similarly is a great drama looking into a future which doesn’t seem that implausible considering how the world feels right now.

I continue to be a mild socialist who reads the Guardian. No changes there.


7) Finish the copy editing and proofreading course even if I’m not really enjoying it.

Not found a new thing to replace this yet. Maybe I was trying to do too much? I am currently saving the world playing X-Com. That counts for something right?

8) Blog weekly.

Still going relatively strong on this. 3 this month and a a load more new followers and likes. Travel writing is apparently a top tag alongside stuff on depression. I’m also doing my best to share as many of the brilliant blog posts done by friends and family without drowning my Facebook feed with shares. I really am surrounded by brilliant people who are truly inspiring. You know who you are.


So that was July. It was a bit of a bastard in places but otherwise all good. Hopefully August will turn into a blast of a month. Money has got tighter but I’ve tried to make my life more financially efficient without cutting out the fun. Seeing Lucy Graduate was fantastic and seeing so many of our friends and family celebrate with her is a tribute to the living networks we have around us.

Keep going forwards.


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