Planning the adventure: Japan day 6-7

Almost halfway through our adventure Lucy and I will go on our longest section of travelling. We will catch a train from Tsumago and travel via Nagoya to Hiroshima – roughly a five hour trip that will end with a pick-up by the hotel that we will be staying at. After, a £20 a night Air BnB and a small Minshuku we thought we’d try something a little different.


This is Seketei, near Hiroshima. The two nights here will be more expensive than the other 12 nights across Japan put together. I have high hopes but, being British, I naturally expect to be a bit disappointed by what we get for the money. This place has fantastic reviews but I just can’t imagine it will exceed my expectations. But to me it at least looks beautiful. Here’s a picture of the room where we’re staying.


So yeah. It’s big, beautiful, faux traditional Japanese spa joy. We have a 14 course meal each night and breakfast included so that’s a bonus. Other than a trip to nearby Miyajima we plan to do very little except bathe, relax, sleep and eat. It seemed sensible to put the breaks on the trip and having travelled so far across the country this looked like a great place to stop. There’s not much else to say about it but do look at the links above to check out how beautiful it is!



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