Planning the adventure: Japan day 4-5

After the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, Lucy and I will literally be heading out to the hills. We get to try our first shinkansen, then a bit more train based journeying and then, potentially, a bit of a hike. Our destination will be the Minshuku Koshinzuka which is a traditional Inn in an area famed for the Nakasendō Trail. We have two days here and I’ll outline my concerns here:


1) The journey will be a pig – might have to do some substantial walking to the Inn with all our stuff.
2) Is there enough to do?
3) After we finish at the Inn we have to travel to Hiroshima. It’s a bastard long journey which eats into some of our time at the next (rather expensive) location.

That’s all my worries out the way. The rest I’m expecting to be awesome. The inn we’re staying out is apparently one of the best experiences people have had in Japan. Even booking it has been good fun as I speak no Japanese and the owner speaks no English! If there’s any problems I’m sure we’ll sort something out – worse case scenario we can head back to Nagoya but that’s not going to happen. This place looks awesome.


We have breakfast and dinner included with our stay and we will be at the Inn for two nights. It’s situated between Tsumago and Magome which are roughly the start and the end point of the Nakasendō Trail. By the look of it we will arrive by train, walk or bus to Tsumago and then walk to our Inn. From there we can use it as a base to strike out and explore the landscape.


Even though one of my worries is whether there is enough to do, the reality is that it might be a welcome bit of respite. I’m interested to see how it pans out!


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