May Update

Wow. What a month! Can’t say this has been the cheapest of months or the most healthy but I’ve had a damned good time overall. Onwards!

1) Get a new job or find a way of making current role more enjoyable.

Emailed an a old friend about her time as a journalist. She kindly gave me a detailed breakdown of the positives and negatives of the job. Yes the moneys not great and yes there’s a lot of overtime but she has never been happier in a role. It was a great view into a world which I had once considered (and worked in briefly). I chatted with Lucy about the possibility of doing a course in Journalism but at the moment I think we need to focus on some stability for both of us. We’ve been on one full income for the last four years and it would be a shame to dive into more self enforced poverty without at least enjoying the fruits (read: money) of our combined labours. One day maybe?

On a side note there may be an opportunity with my current employer. I’ll keep you posted on that one when I know more. Basically a different role which I’m keeping my eye on for when it may appear.

2) Explore Japan with Lucy.

Had another great meeting with Lee and his partner Becci. To be honest it was just a perfect excuse to chat about a shared passion and also to eat loads of Japanese food! Apparently maid cafe’s are worth trying once and I need to have a pretty open mind when it comes to ryoken food. Pregnant fish for supper anyone?

Lucy has her passport application ready to go and I’ve added a few new places onto the list of where to go when we’re out there. Still need to sort the rail passes and transfers but I’ll get that done soon I’m sure.

Sakura, Portsmouth UK

3) Actually paint some miniatures.

Finally fielded my Necrons! So at the beginning of the year I decided to start a new army on the quiet. My intention was to field a fully painted army by my Birthday and I mostly achieved this. Due to the utter horror that is the ghost ark and some miscalculations I didn’t quite get it all finished but I’m still mighty proud of having painted most of the force considering my general lack of enthusiasm for painting armies.

Ignore the hastily built grey things at the back. Pretty chuffed with this effort.

4) Sell some of the dead weight.

I’m up to around £150 now in sales of old Warhammer stuff and old junk. I’m going to finally put the old Necromunda sets on Ebay and see what happens there. Hopefully that’ll give me a further £200 or so. Still not sure whether to sell some of the old armies that I have for Warhammer but we’ll see. The house is already looking a lot better for the reduced junk.

Also have 75 DVDs heading to charity. Because who honestly needs a copy of Marked for Death with Steven Segal?

5) Look after myself a lot more.

Between my Birthday, a stag do and a leaving do I had a little bit too much to drink this month. Might need to tone it back a bit as it’s affecting my finances more than it is my health! Otherwise my weight is still good and my overall fitness is pretty stable. I’m doing some more stretches which has reduced the neck, back and leg ache. Ageing sucks but you can do something to mitigate the impact.

6) Read more and challenge my own opinions.

Haven’t read too much this month. Read all of Judge Dredd Case Files 20 (if you can call that reading lol) and am almost done with This Book Will Save Your Life but progress has been pretty plodding. Just lost the reading bug at the moment.

If listening to Theresa May talk utter tosh and make U-Turns on her policy counts as challenging opinions then I’m doing okay. I’m really trying to see positives in the Tory Manifesto but I can’t find any to be honest. Anyone?

I’ve read a few interesting articles but I don’t feel I’m doing this aim justice. Must try harder next month.


7) Finish the copy editing and proofreading course even if I’m not really enjoying it.

This has died. I’m calling it quits. It’s not that I don’t think I can do it, more that I just don’t see it leading anywhere useful. Years back I was a special constable for about a year and a half. I realised at the very first training session that the Special Constabulary wasn’t for me but persevered to really make sure that I really knew. That was a waste of my time that I’m not repeating.

So basically point seven is a fail but that happens some times I guess.

8) Blog weekly.

Not quite weekly but I’m keeping up the tempo. More importantly I’m building more traffic than normal. In five months I’ve received only 40 hits less than than all of last year. That’s pretty good going and has really spurred me on.


So that’s it for May. I’ve failed on one task for the year but I am surging on with other goals. Life doesn’t work out perfectly to plan but we can try and do our best to achieve what we can.

Good luck with your adventures!


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