The mood of the world is boiling but there is always hope.


Hans Rosling was a brilliant human. His TED talk from a few years ago highlighted the impact that ignorance has on our lives. Didn’t bother watching? That’s fine. The TL;DR version is that you’re probably a fucking idiot and you should stop overreacting over many issues of the world. Everything is, generally, getting better. Hooray!


Feel better? Less fearful? Sadly I don’t. As hard as I try I cannot escape the sense that everything, despite the evidence, is getting worse. I know, I know – that basically means I too am a fucking idiot. But I know why this is and the truth is I feel like the penis of modern day media has been rammed into every fucking orifice. Together we’re an airtight culture where our thoughts are suppressed by the choking appendages of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire. You can add the Daily Mail and some of the other cesspits of so called ‘news’ into that horrific image.

So you are going to die – probably of old age. But in Murdoch land you’re minutes away from a being killed by a genetically modified paedophile terrorist. Don’t trust anyone and don’t have hope. Strong and Stable leadership will guide us and free thought and radical ideas must be suppressed. In these dangerous times we must hunker down and wait for it to blow over.

The events in Manchester have taught us that when things go wrong the best thing for us to do is stay inside. To hide. To wait for things to blow over…hold on. What the fuck are these people doing? Just standing and waiting to die like sheep!

Women wait to take part in a vigil for the victims of an attack on concert goers at Manchester Arena, in central Manchester

Okay so these guys didn’t die. In fact they did this weird human thing of coming together in solidarity. Give up guys! There’s no point. The only thing you should care about is the laughter of your thirsting overlords.

Man it’s all so conflicting. One second you’re looking at the bloodied handle of a remote detonator and the next you’re admiring the human spirit. Who to follow? The chorus of chaos or the hope of humanity? Indeed there’s little wonder that there are so many mental health problems in this era of civilization. This is an utterly insane time. I blame the media for some of societies ills but the ever changing face of technology, automation in the work place and various other developments all add to the toxic cocktail of confusion.

Here’s an interesting story though. Cleaners in UCL are striking over pay and conditions (update – students have joined them in solidarity). In an era where individuals can often seem powerless this is a heartening story. People, together, can still resist. People must still resist. Earlier today I shared this image from the two month long protests in Venezuela which was the trigger for this blog.


The mood of the world is boiling over and people will get hurt. But as long as we stand up for our humanity then we have a chance. Hope is not the refuge of the weak – it is what makes us stronger than those who wish to divide us.


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