January Update

One month has passed so how am I doing with my plans for 2017

1) Get a new job or find a way of making current role more enjoyable.

Applied for one role Friday – basically more money and new challenges within my current employer. My line manager suggested a couple of new roles that might be coming up elsewhere within the company which was pretty positive – they don’t want to lose me but they realise that I’m basically wasting myself in my current role. Also an old friend, Adam, kindly suggested a role within another company that he worked for. That was a nice touch because it meant that friends of mine actually A) Read my blog and B) Care about me enough to think about me.

2) Explore Japan with Lucy

Booked pretty much every bit of accommodation for the two weeks. Trying Air BnB has been fun/slightly nervous but the hosts have been really friendly. Also booked both a small traditional inn and a luxury Ryoken. It’s been overwhelming to plan such a trip but I’ve had so many friends offer help it’s been made much easier. Massive thanks to Lee who gave me some brilliant tips and also helped shape my journey – my time on the Nakesendo trail will be thanks to you.


3) Actually paint some miniatures.

Shock horror. I’ve painted some miniatures. Not as many as I’d planned by this point but like always I got distracted by Civ and Netflix. But some progress has been made and that makes me happy! Plus I should be playing a game against Mo soon and that normally helps my productivity.

4) Sell some of the dead weight.

Failed miserably so far. Haven’t even taken any pictures of the stuff I want to sell but hey ho! I did clear the garden though. That actually was a high as I  got to throw a broken Microwave into one of the large bins at the recycling centre. Win.

5) Look after myself a lot more.

Finally got my hair cut. Trying to keep myself presentable but could do a little more I’m sure. I am drinking less, probably about 4-5 pints a week. I’m also doing a lot more exercise thanks to Lucy being on placement. Roughly 50 miles of cycling a week on top of dog walking each day. I could do with a bit more rest though. Will try and get a balance as time goes on.

6) Read more and challenge my own opinions.

Not read any new books this year but have been reading various sources for news and not just my usual leftie websites. I’m even trying to not instantly assume that both Trump and May are bloody idiots. Trump is beyond doubt the most damaging thing I’ve seen in America and he’s only been there a week. I’ve tried to see any logic in his major policies but even from an economic standpoint I cannot see how he can possibly ‘Make America Great Again’ without leaving office; or preferably the Earth. May on the other hand? Well she’s giving Brexit her best shot and she’s basically able to follow her plans unmolested as the leader of the opposition is, quite frankly, an atrocious disappointment.


7) Finish the copy editing and proofreading course even if I’m not really enjoying it.

Done nothing. Six months left to do it. Still hate it.

8) Blog weekly.

Managed to do this though! One blog for every week so far this year. I’ve written about issues close to my heart and I’ve got plenty of drafts still available to use for next week and beyond. Huzzah!

So yeah that’s where I’m at. Overall I can’t complain but I know I could try a little harder next month. Probably going to take a week off some time in February so that I can really crack on with things. One thing I do know is that goal setting is working for me. That and a positive attitude. Never surrender dreams etc.

(Cover Photo is of the Capule Hotel we’ll be staying in – 9 hours in Kyoto. It’s basically Portal meets Kubrick meets win).


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