2016 was a bit shit…

Ah the classic understatement – such a British thing to do. Not that being British is a bad thing. Indeed being British at the moment is clearly the right thing to be as we push forward with our big ‘red white and blue‘ Brexit that’s full of Bakewell tarts, steam trains and relentless rhetoric. I would be super stoked about it if it hadn’t been for the toxic combination of Donald Trump as future master of the universe and the ongoing joys across the world.


We’ve had hundreds of migrants drowning, terrorist truck drivers, a conflict that no one talks about, doctors strikes, legal invasion of privacy, train strikes, other crazy presidents and the shittiest performance by an England side after the last shit performance. We still don’t have plastic Sisters of Battle either. Come on Games Workshop.


Truth be told I’ve wanted to blog more. I’ve wanted to add to the chorus of noise that floats across the internet’s bleating bloggers and status sharers. #triggerwarning for absolutely everything under the sun. Let’s all sign a petition asking Jeremy Hunt to quit! Yeah it’ll get debated! Oh no, wait, it changed nothing. Like the protests against the invasion of Iraq or the miners strikes we end up on the bottom of another persons gilded shoe.


So why should I bother spending hours writing well thought out and rational arguments when we’re told that people are tired of experts. And I’m just an amateur blogger. I have literally no hope or making an impact through the medium of writing in the same way blowing yourself up won’t win a war and neither will dropping bombs on a country for a decade.

So what should I do then? Just stop writing? Writing is something I enjoy and would love to have greater reach. But my most popular blogs have been about Games Workshop, Judge Dread and ones relating to Portsmouth and deep down that’s not what I want to be writing about. I’d love to make a difference to lives through the power of writing but I genuinely don’t see that happening.

But what about 2017? It will still be full of horrors that will be flashed across Rupert Murdoch’s media empire. The world will be full of contentious issues that will cause passionate debates and protests. How do I enjoy blogging again in a time when it feels that my voice is silent? More importantly how do I continue to enjoy writing in a country which now records my entire internet history. Will searching for “battle of orgreave” on Google put me on the watch list of government agencies?

I think 2017 will be a challenge for me. I have an idea of how to proceed and I’ll touch on that in a later blog but I am not certain how it will pan out. Watch this space again I guess.


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