People are Awesome

A few years ago someone shared a video of human beings doing stuff that looked relatively hard to achieve. The video was titled People are Awesome and involved humans doing above average stuff like jumping off the side of buildings and on to another one nearby; albeit 25 storeys up. Or throwing a basketball into a hoop, with your feet, after doing seven or eight back-flips. Standard.

Today I’ve just finished watching one of the (now weekly) compilations. Once again it was stuffed to the gills with people doing things that area tad more challenging than throwing waste paper into a bin from a distance. I genuinely spat my dinner out watching a man walking, while carrying a serious amounts of weight on a bar, while pulling a serious amount of weight behind him and then realising the guy was a fucking amputee. Watching people achieve these incredible feats is something I will never tire of.


The videos are well edited and they usually have a pumping EDM soundtrack to amplify what’s going on. Both these things can put people off from watching. Indeed I’m sure that there are some people that find this glorification of physical success a hindrance to their own mental well being. Let’s be fair, I’m writing this blog drinking beer and have just had a ready meal so I don’t feel particularly skilled in comparison.

Regardless of your view of these videos, the fact that Fail Army have far more followers (and far more videos) than People are Awesome goes to show that there are a lot more failures in this world then there are successes. But to me that only goes to show that the stars of People are Awesome’s videos are even more fantastic. Best of all is that the ‘stars’ are mostly just normal human beings. Kids throwing Frisbee’s into basketball hoops, daughters surfing with their dogs, kids doing Parkour in inner city areas. The internet has allowed people to share their achievements (and failures) to the world and people can watch them free of charge from the comfort of their homes.


I hope that I will never stop being amazed at what normal people can do with practice and determination. From trivial tricks to death defying leaps, People are Awesome may just inspire you to get off your arse and do something great. Or, at the very least, write a blog about it. Because we all have skills hidden away and it takes something inspirational to make you want to push yourself.


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