Where have you been?

Its been 2 months since my last blog. Two months of news and I’ve neglected writing about any story; even personal ones. The world has been rocked by huge events from Brexit, multiple terrorist attacks and even Pokemon Go and I’ve not posted about a single one; well until now I guess. Brexit – boo. Terrorist attacks – boo. Pokemon Go – yay. David Cameron going – meh. Attempted Coup in Turkey – unsure. Olympics – meh, but good on the athletes. Oh Christ I forgot about the Euros – Iceland.


It has been two months and all this shit happened. A lot of people wrote some shit about it all and most of it has been forgotten about. The world kept turning, the tabloids kept blaming the migrants and the left and right have had some pretty fucked up infighting. It’s been exhausting.

I guess I’ve been hiding in a mental bunker while the chaos happened/happens. My personal life has been busy enough with Lucy’s 12 week Uni Placement, Monty in general and fitting in seeing friends and family in between work. It’s little wonder that I’ve not bothered writing about some utterly depressing episodes in human history – I’d much rather go to the pub and wait for everything to blow over then try and write a comprehensive argument that probably wouldn’t do the subject matter justice.


But please don’t think that I’ve put my head in the sand completely as I’ve still talked openly about many of these events. Brexit, for example, was interesting because it forced some people into actual political discourse for the first time in their lives. It was sometimes enlightening to see people talk openly about their views and admirable that I heard some good arguments for and against the issue. There were idiots too. Many many stupid narrow minded people from both sides of the argument who thought that their view was an unquestionable fortress of logic that could never be picked apart. They genuinely should be added to the list of reasons for the consideration of Eugenics.

Life has gone on and the world has changed. The world is continually changing and I’m getting older, and hopefully a little wiser, along with the rest of you. Up next in my life is Lucy’s third year of Uni, my potential liberation from employment and adventures to Japan, Sweden and more. I’ve met some new, pretty awesome people and gone to some amazing events. I’ll try and post a little more regularly over the summer but no promises I might be too busy just, well, getting on with shit.

Have a nice day.


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