Farewell, old friend.


My Xbox 360 died yesterday. I’m not normally sentimental about a games console but my 360 was a loyal companion throughout the last 6 years. I’d lost myself in Halo 3, 4 and Reach, played endless amounts of Modern Warfare and Battlefield and enjoyed the arcade delights of Shadow Complex and Castle Crashers. There was a plethora of brilliant worlds to explore and a superlative on-line experience that I have yet to see surpassed (yes, even with all the tea-bagging and trash talk).


There’s probably a solution to the red ring issue that I could find on-line; perhaps I could tamper with it and bodge it back to life. But truth be told the 360 has been used purely as a DVD player for the last year as most people migrated to the new generation of consoles. For me, the 360 was a unique beast. It’s lifespan of over a decade was a rare treat in a world where hardware seems to be updated faster than ever. My initial thoughts as soon as I saw that red light was, “hey great! I can buy an XBox One”. Of course I should really wait a few days to see what is revealed at E3 as there may well be a new version of the console teased for an inevitable Christmas release


The 360 also had the unique role in keeping my connected with friends – though  a lot of us sadly no longer see each other or have fallen out as the years have passed. I will have great memories of haring around in Warthogs with a mate on the turret, chatting shit about our respective weeks and laughing outloud whenever we run someone over. Gears of War was always the better game with a mate and the 360 allowed me to enjoy a full 40 inch screen depiction of my buddy burning it away from gun fire.

The exact moment we achieved a shotgun drive-by on a Mongoose ATV.

The 360 was an on-line equivalent  of the N64 – a geeky flame that we could all gather around for comfort. It seems fitting that as the old group of gamers have moved on with their lives my 360 has finally given up it’s own. I’ll treat myself to a new one someday and I very much hope that I am able to build new friendships and enjoy new experiences when I finally plump for a new consoles. In the mean time all I can say is thanks for the memories.


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