When weekends go wrong…

On Friday I was all geared up to go to Empire and spend some time plotting, scheming and generally having a good time with some old and new mates. After driving to Basingstoke and dropping Lucy and her friend at a spa day I then carried on up to the new site near Silverstone. When I arrived I sadly hit a wall in my planned fun and games – I’d left all of my soft kit (jumpers, trousers, socks, toiletries and other essentials) at home. For the first in almost 16 years I’d finally experienced the LARPer nightmare of forgetting my essential kit. I was understandably a bit fucked off.

My group did their best to come up with suggestions of stuff I could borrow and where I could buy the rest of my missing things, but taking about twenty minutes to consider things I realised I wasn’t prepared to buy stuff I already owned. Instead I drove back home and thought about coming back the next day.

As it turned out, leaving the site may have been a wise choice. If I had stayed I’d have been out of pocket and miffed at spending money on shit I already owned. Additionally there was one of the worst storms we’ve had in years battering the UK and I’m pretty sure that my tent would have been annihilated if I had stayed. I’m all for fighting the elements and getting on with it but I have a limit to my personal endurance and seeing shit I own get destroyed would have killed things for me.

Instead I found myself with a bank holiday spare and mostly wasted it playing games and watching terrible movies. It probably wasn’t the best way to spend a weekend but at least I’m not an extra £100 down. More money for the next event I guess.

My time hasn’t been completely wasted. It’s been great catching up with friends and family that I wouldn’t normally get to do. Spending more time with Lucy was a plus as well as taking out Monty for an epic walk or three. Also saw my in-laws for some delicious food and a genuine laugh (I’m lucky). Two of my Portsmouth besties also came around for some nerdery which cheered me up and I got some awesome sympathy grub from my surrogate sibling Dr. Ball.  It’s all about making the best of a bad situation isn’t it?

So here I am on the cusp of going back to work and I thought I’d write a blog. Another totally self indulgent one but one that I wanted to write. There’s not really a lesson to be learned. There’s nothing about the future or the past, about inequality or champions of good. Instead it’s about me. So, I guess it’s about narcissism really.

(PS – the image is of our house rabbit Juno just humping some of Monty’s toys. I think it sums up the last few days better than anything)


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