Sometimes, you just need to write.

“Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world”.

Words.  Simple or elegant words. Words bound together in a sentence, a paragraph or a whole piece of copy. Punctuation, well used, breaking the flow up as and when the writer wishes. It’s a delight to write even when your brain accidentally snags a moment of alliteration. The further you plunge the more your brain gets to race around; like a dog let off the lead it can charge off all over the place sniffing, scratching, simply enjoying the moment.

PS: I love my dog. He’s probably one of the greatest living creatures in the history of human kind. He has bitten a dog trainer, scared the hell out of a vet and consumed more shit than you’ll find in a list of Tory election pledges. He has also been my gym, Lucy’s counsellor and a more than willing foot-warmer. Monty is a being of utter chaos which makes him perfect.


My head feels a little clearer now and that’s why I need to write. In fact I truly believe that a sluggish mind is no different to a sluggish body. When I fail to write for a while I feel like some corpulent beast; festering in my self inflicted deprivation. I know that the way to deal with my bovine state is to simply force out words on to paper but sometimes I forget. I end up weighed down by my mental gut and I realise that I fucked up.

But I am fortunate. I have the time, money, and resources in order to simply write shit like this on the internet. Other people are less lucky and could secretly be geniuses but they may be held back by poverty, or self doubt. The biggest issue for many is not having enough time. Children, jobs, loved ones, essential day to day tasks; we all end up bogged down.

But sometimes, if you just push yourself a little bit harder, you might just re-inspire yourself. You end up with almost 500 words worth of ramble that still makes you smile despite knowing that what you have written is a bit shit. I guess others get the same feeling at the end of a run, a book or whatever activity that puts a smile on their face. As long as they have pushed themselves to do something a sense of accomplishment can be achieved.

I guess that’s all it takes really, just a little push in the right direction to guide you forwards. Then you can start seeing the potential for fun, danger and challenge stretching out before you. Plan a little adventure if you can and head down their metaphorical rabbit hole.


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