T-Minus – Amsterdam

I recently read that Vincent van Gogh sadly only sold one painting  in his 37 year existence. It seems fitting that I now find myself heading off to Amsterdam to spend money in a museum housing a load of his work. I’m sure the museum brings hope to living artists that one day they too may have a huge museum dedicated to their great works; like a gigantic posthumous kick in the teeth. I hope there isn’t a heaven because I’d hate to see how rich I could have become if someone finds and publishes my blogs for billions of pounds after my death (it could happen).

But yeah I’m heading to another country to celebrate 30 years of my wife’s existence whilst taking in some European culture. I could have spent the money on some memorable trinket but then we’d end up with more pointless shit around the house. Much better to dump a trinket into the mind so that it doesn’t have to clutter up my Warhammer or Lucy’s endless piles of wool and fabric (basically the setting for Yoshi’s Wooly World).

I hope that it is a pretty awesome trip and that Lucy will get to fill her mind full of positivity. Amsterdam appears to be a pretty fascinating city and it may even add a splash of colour to my greying soul and tired eyes – lord knows I need it.

I will endeavour to take plenty of pictures because someone has to. See you soon.


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