Winning at life.

Yesterday I watched an episode of DIY SOS where a guy called Lamin got a free house. Lamin, an immigrant, who joined the Army to ‘do his bit for his country’ had three limbs blown off in Afghanistan after just three months into a tour. I won’t go into detail because that’s way too much effort but it was suitably touching to see Lamin and his family be more humble and deserving than Nadia in The Great British Bake Off (which I didn’t think would be physically possible). Despite his horrific injuries, Lamin (pictured below) never surrendered to selfishness and still tried to care for his family as any father would want to. Heart-wrenchingly he even uttered that he somehow didn’t deserve the house which had been specially designed to help him cook, clean and properly care for his family. I urge you to watch it if you get a chance. Yet again I am reminded that there are thousands of great people living in this country and that the world is a far more cheerful place then we are led to believe. Cheers Lamin for being an absolute and utterly selfless legend.

Credit: Manchester Evening News

One thing that I really picked up on was a comment by Lamin’s eldest son who described the converted Victorian terraces as ‘a palace’. It was a touching moment because as beautiful as the house was it was still the shell of a labourers lodging; albeit made modern. It was a wonderful reminder that you don’t have to have the biggest house in the world or the fanciest job – you simply need enough to get by and a home that allows you to look after your family and yourself.

Credit:Manchester Evening News


On the subject of doing enough, I’ve had the last week off and I had grand plans to be super productive. In the end I achieved less than half the things I wanted to. Part of me wants to curse myself for focusing on doing the things I enjoyed rather than the things that I though I ‘had’ to do, But then I reminded myself that the simple things in life are often the best things. I’ve seen my friends and my parents. I’ve spent time with Lucy, walked Monty at some awesome places and played a ton of Civilisation. I even got on with some of my hobbies that I had neglected.

I didn’t change my utilities. I didn’t call up Vax to get a replacement handle for the hoover. I didn’t shop around for a cheaper life insurance rate. I didn’t try and improve my life with some pipe dream. Instead I had fun and relaxed. Almost like I was on holiday.

(Lucky Man by the Verve has just come on the radio. That’s fucking weird).


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