Adapt to survive.

It’s been a little while since I worried about trying to change the world. That’s a pretty grand statement but it’s true. I guess since embracing my thirties I have also embraced a modicum of apathy which has been wonderfully comforting. I take some pleasure from simply ignoring half the things I am told to worry about – like a big fuck you to all those who would seek to ruin my calmer state of mind. I no longer stress about the economy, or politics or any of the staples of the media diet. I keep aware of the issues that surround me but I refuse to do very much about them because I truly believe there isn’t that much I need to do, or can do, about them.


Please understand that I don’t mean that I no longer care. It’s just that I realised that I was caring about every little thing and it was killing me slowly. I would nit-pick and push myself harder to sort out all the little things that went wrong. I would despair about the news and talk passionately about what we should do to resolve the tabloid darling of the week. That wasn’t healthy.

So, Like any good human being, I adapted. I adapted my lifestyle to focus on what was truly important and directed my energies doing this right. I’ve become a better human being for it. Human beings have spent their life evolving, and adapting to the conditions of the world in order to survive. With suicide being the biggest killer of my age group I thought it best to take some good advice and simply adapt to reduce the stress in my life.

I certainly feel healthier for it. Even better, I haven’t considered topping myself for a long time so that’s pretty awesome. So I guess I’m saying that if you’re finding life is all a bit too much, have a good think about all the things you could stop worrying about. You may realise that things aren’t really as bad as you thought.


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