Why we write.

‘Why we write’ is a difficult phrase to say isn’t it? It is supposed to be a play on the expression, ‘why we fight’, but ends up struggling because those W’s confuse our mouths and our brains. It’s a challenge, and that’s why we write. That’s why I write. I write because it’s an utter joy to simply type words, and construct sentences like a kid playing with Lego. I once used an expression, ‘like waterfalls of prose cascading from my fingers’ – which sounds beautiful to me. It might even be beautiful to you but ultimately it doesn’t matter because if something brings you joy you should embrace it. I also said that writing is a bit like masturbation which probably isn’t as beautiful.

If there doesn’t appear to be a point to this it’s because you haven’t found one yet. What’s the meaning of life? What is your purpose? Are things pre-ordained or are you free to shape your will? What about writing? Is there supposed to be a point or are you supposed to develop a justification for your decision to read as you go on; like some overrated art house film. Fuck it – get what you want from reading or just flick back to your website of choice.

All I know is that writing helps me stay sane. It is the only place where I can truly be free. Writing is a weapon that can damage those it is directed against. It can also block the oppressiveness of modern day western life. I sometimes feel completely overwhelmed by things and genuinely consider the idea of giving up completely. But then I realise that I probably haven’t written anything for a while and so I write and I feel better.

Writing should be a totally private exercise. A selfish act where you can say what you want without fear of reprisal. The depths and depravities of your mind can be indulged as much as the pinnacles of aspiration – each conflicting thought adding to the chorus of chaos that plays its endless tune in your head;

“Next customer please, next customer please, next customer please, next customer please”.


So we write not for popularity or prestige; we write because we can. We write because there has to be something better in life than the next wage slip. We write to create a refuge from the terror of the outside world and to create a unique one inside our own private space. Because there is a universe inside your thick skull and the possibilities of your being are only limited by your imagination.


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