Joining the Corbyn Chorus

It’s currently raining outside. The sky is grey and it makes the old buildings that surround my office look even more tired. Gloom permeates every aspect of my view and the scene is utterly depressing. This is classic Britain in my opinion. Oh, certainly there are things to cheer at times and British summertime can be quite lovely. But overall, Britain is grey and gloomy – a bit like Jeremy Corbyns face.

(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)
(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

This simple relationship between the two means Corbyn is perfectly suited to run our country. His face is a metaphor for Britain. I’m sure when Jeremy Corbyn smiles it is synonymous with the fleeting joy that is sunshine and when he laughs it’s like your birthday and Christmas rolled together. But thankfully his face seems to be inexplicably dour and that reflects everything that this country is about. We all talk about the weather and Corbyn’s face is a barometer of our social and economic times.

Jeremy Corbyn does not look fake. He looks honest and though I know that he may have to be economical with the truth when in government it’ll probably be like when your partner asks if they’ve put on weight – you sugar coat the truth because it makes things much easier that way. I can live with that.

What I can’t live with is the current political climate. It is oppressive in it’s stigmatisation of the poor, of immigrants, of people in welfare. I am tired of the wars and the constant waste when it comes to military matters. I hate the rampantly right wing attitudes that permeate every TV channel – when was the last time you saw a fly on the wall documentary that hounded wealthy people? The simple answer is we don’t see nearly enough – it’s all Benefits Britain this, and Benefits Street that. The few programs that do highlight the real issues are sidelined like Martin from the Simpson – nobody cares even though he’s often right.

As his Labour competitors are kindly highlighting, Corbyn is dangerous. This is an excellent description for an average looking bloke who could be your uncle. Corbyn could destabilise the Labour Party which New Labour and Ed Milliband so helpfully fucked up in the first place – crack on Corbyn!

I hope that he becomes leader of the opposition. I hope that he challenges David Cameron on every single abominable issue. Eventually, it would be nice to see a 70 year old Jeremy Corbyn take the mantle of leadership in this country – because life in this country is not right; and Jeremy Corbyn seems to be an excellent counterpoint to the constant tirade of bullshit that we’re being fed.


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