Hey good looking


I’ve been posting my work on here for the last 3 years and I felt it was time for a change. I hope you like the new layout because I certainly do. Something relatively crisp, modern and clear for you to enjoy on your otherwise cluttered day. The biggest change (depending on what device you are using) would be the introduction of a new cover photo. Currently the image is a giant flag of Japan but I intend to post a random image each week the depicts something from the everyday that is also exciting, interesting or possibly just weird. Check back next Monday for a new image.

A handy sidebar is now available for you to open which should help you navigate more easily. There is a search option in case you want to locate a specific article and a menu that lists a variety of topics for you to peruse. Most importantly, the hidden menu options stop distracting you from the rivers of prose that cascade gently down your screen with every turn of the mouse wheel or swipe of a calloused thumb. There’s also a picture of Bowser. You’ve clicked on him right?

Anyway. All my old articles are on here still. I don’t like all of them but it seemed silly to just start again from scratch. I’ll be posting a new story about this weeks cover photo shortly.


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