Whatever happened to the Council dream?

You may well remember that I spoke about meeting with people at Portsmouth City Council in order to volunteer my time for the improvement of the city image. Like any story I believe this one deserves a conclusion.

Luckily it’s a simple one where I basically ended up with far too much on my plate. With Lucy at University and the additional jobs that I took on at work I felt that I simply wasn’t able to devote any real time to supporting the councils endeavours. The plan was to assist with the planning of an Arthur Conan Doyle centre in Portsmouth drawing the nations, and indeed the worlds gaze towards the city where Sherlock Holmes was created. I’d have been joining a team of people who were all working towards that goal and I hope that they are still ploughing on with the dream.

Source: The Telegraph
Source: The Telegraph

I truly believe that with the latest bunch of council budget cuts, this Arthur Conan Doyle centre has probably been put on the back burner. Quite possibly it’s been shelved completely while the council figures out how to manage with two theirs of their old budget.

Regardless, I knew that there was no point continuing down that path. It’s a sad end to a brief dream but there are many other ways that I am able to do things that can benefit my community. Just because I had to retreat back to the metaphorical castle doesn’t mean that I won’t be sallying forth again.


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