How do you ‘use’ Facebook?

Like any addiction, Facebook is one that is hard to get rid of. I really wish I hadn’t started but now I’m on twenty plus views a day and I really want to see what my ex girlfriend is up to. Because I can.


I hear a lot of people complain at what they see on Facebook and I can admit that I also want to rage at some of the fucktwattery that seems to go on on there. I do not want to see people get beheaded. I do not believe that if ‘I don’t repost in five minute Michael Jackson will come down and mutilate me’. For me, these and many other abuses of my time deserve the application of electrodes to certain parts of the culprits anatomy.


But some people do want to see people get beheaded. Other people, like myself, wish to share news and information that we find genuinely interesting. Other people may think that my constant reposting of news stories, or even these blogs, is tiresome. But we are all entitled to use Facebook in anyway we see fit. Hell even Lee Rigby’s murderers apparently used Facebook to plot his demise which is fucking depressing.

Facebook is a complicate beast because it is a digital realm that society also exists in. It’s like the pub where there’s some racist at the bar spouting abuse. You can chose to listen, ignore, say something or, if it all gets too much, just leave the place completely. It’s called free will and it is far easier to exercise when there is a delete button so easily placed on a profile.


What you do on there is up to you, but remember that every other person on the planet is entitled to write or show what they want. That includes constant criticism of what you post so brace yourself for some awesome trolling by me if you fit into any of the annoyances I listed earlier. Why? Because some people want to watch the world burn.


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