Everyman Can Improve Life


My blog has a new tagline but more importantly it has a new goal. When I first created this blog I said I would be writing about life in general; and therefore could be writing about anything. My only other goal was to make myself laugh when I read something I had written. Selfish I know.

Over time I have realised that I actually really like preaching about the things I love. I’ve also had more than enough comments from people that I know, saying that they really enjoy what I write. With that in mind I now want to try and expand my audience and see if I can benefit more people with my apparent words of wisdom.


This might smack of arrogance to speak so highly of myself but that’s probably because you’re British like me and feel the only way that you can talk about yourself is in self-derogatory terms. I’ve decided to stop being so negative and am now focusing on believing a little of the hype. that’s because I believe that:

Everyman can improve life.


[EVERYMAN] An ordinary or typical human being can:


  1. make or become better
  2. develop or increase in mental capacity by education or experience
  3. achieve or produce something better than

[LIFE] the existence of an individual human being or animal.


We all, as human beings, can make things better for all life on this planet. Whether that is through achievements, education or creation.


So I have mission statement. It’s now a case of living by it and trying to make people realise that they too can make a difference to the world whether that’s by (for example) simply helping their elderly neighbour, studying to become a teacher or trying to cure cancer. It doesn’t matter what it is you do but it’s simply about doing something positive that will benefit us as a species.


The world has become far to wrapped up in the negative, the immediate and the shallow aspects of life. I intend to celebrate the wealth of brilliance around us, from the small wonders to ground-breaking discoveries. I want this place to be a celebration of the good to found in this world.

I will continue to blog about Portsmouth, Japan and all the little issues of my life because I believe that we all do things in our own lives that people can learn from and relate to. I hope you continue to enjoy reading and that my writing continues to make you laugh, cry, wince or simply nod in agreement.


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