The title needed that exclamation mark and capitalisation. It’s the written equivalent of grabbing someone by the testicles, pulling them right up to your face and then showering them with spit and information until they realise the importance of your news. Simply writing, ‘Breaking news’ would undermine the importance of the information (INFORMATION!) that you are to be gifted with. News. Really important news. The most important news of the last 15 minutes relayed to you in real time, direct to your face by a blond news reader who got the job thanks to a combination of willingness, flexibility and an innate ability for sucking cock.

NEWS! All the information, all the time, whenever you want! Facebook Newsfeed provides you with all the ‘stories’ from your friends. #importantnews. ALL THE NEWS ABOUT EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE! Excluding you.


Yep, you’re not important. As an individual you must remember to remain mediocre because bigger things are happening. Instead, we’re causality figures on a Malaysian airline. We’re displace refugees from a middle eastern country. We’re immigrants that threaten to ruin the culture of a nation founded by immigrants. We’re black, we’re white but we’re not ourselves. Take your ego and bury it under the mountains of important stuff that you need to know. Brace yourself for;



Pop. Whoah, what happened. I was living this nightmare where I was surrounded by 24 hour news. I was drowning in it. Saturated by facts, figures and fear. The world was ending every day if you were to believe all of what I was being told. Russia was trying to carve out a new empire. The Middle East was threatening to destabilise the world with the new Islamic State at the fore. Ash clouds would stop your flight, hurricanes would obliterate a town. We were surrounded by chaos and we would all fall into the maelstrom shorty. The terrifying possibilities were Byzantine but whatever happened, you could at least get some warning by watching the news.

But that’s just it. The news will inform you about what’s going on but it doesn’t change anything for you unless you are someone who can dramatically change the course of events. Really, the only people who should be watching the news are the people that can have any chance of affecting the outcome of it. I go on holiday soon and truth be told I had been worried about the flight being cancelled due to a mega (MEGA!) volcanic eruption. But then I realised that I can have absolutely no control over what happens. If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen and little old me isn’t going to have any impact on volcanic activity in Iceland.


I really worried about Russia’s actions in the Ukraine but then I realised that there was nothing that I could do there either. I worried about terrorists, the world economy, Ebola and every single major event. I started to think about what I would do in the event of X happening without thinking that X may never happen. It spilled over into my real life and I started to worry about stuff that was happening to friends and loved ones and how their actions would affect mine. I spiralled downwards into a world of worry.


And then I woke up. I realised that I can’t control 99% of what’s going on. It’s worth being aware of current events because information is always useful to know. Sometimes you might find out something useful to you, but ultimately most news is neither important to your day to day life or good for it.

Case in point. What is happening in the middle east with the rise of ISIS is terrifying. Thousands of people have died and hundreds of abuses of human rights are happening every day. ISIS has carved out a territory that threatens to destabilise an entire region of the world. This would have (and in some cases has had) a severe impact on the rest of the world. Now ask yourself a simple question; what can you do about it?

You can’t do anything about it. Sure you could become an aid worker, a tireless blogger a journalist or whatever and try and change the course of a worrying history. Quite possibly you’ll just end up beheaded, raped, disillusioned or just down right depressed. I truly admire those people who will sacrifice their time for a cause that they feel passionately about and I wish them the best of luck. I just look at the dramatic effect that UK protests have had on absolutely nothing and would rather focus on making sure that I stay afloat whenever something does affect me directly. This might seem selfish but I think it’s important to look after yourself first and then look after other people.

I’ll expand on that last sentence slightly. I already am trying to volunteer my time to help my local city. I hope that I can have a dramatic impact on peoples lives in the long run. My hope is that by looking after myself I can help others locally. Those people may then find themselves in a similar position where they are able to help others and so on and so forth. That is something that I can truly help with. I cannot stop a fundamentalist state from blowing up the world and neither should I bother; that’s the job of the government.


Our highly interconnected world is a wonderful place but it is important to remain grounded. It is important to look after the things that affect your life first and those around you second and if you can do more to help after that then good on you. Ultimately it’s time to switch off the worry and start thinking about the your own world more. It’s not selfish, it’s sensible; and by far and away the most important bit of news that you’ll get all day.


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  1. Nice to meet and follow via Portsmouth Writing Hub. I’m over at I hope you say hello 🙂

    1. syndathim says:

      I shall indeed! Following and looking forward to future scribblings.

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