Beginning is easy – continuing is hard.

After my meeting the other day I’ve emailed back PCC regarding helping out with the regeneration strategy. I’ve decided to focus on one particular area and that is Portsmouth’s literary drive.

I was emailed a couple of strategy proposals that focused on highlighting the literary history of Portsmouth, the development of it and the impact such development can make. I hadn’t realised that Portsmouth has the largest collection of Arthur Conan Doyles work to be found anywhere in the world and I’m guessing that’s the same for many of you. I’d very much like to be able to change that situation (amongst many others).

On a side note, I find it funny that having spent years playing games like Civilisation where my usual goal would be to dominate the world with my superior culture I now find myself in the position where I may help Portsmouth Literary roots flourish.

People can be inspired by many things and culture is a powerful tool that can draw people in and give them the drive to push on with their own creative endeavours. More work needs to be done on promoting Portsmouth Cultural assets (the Mary Rose museum is a fine example of this working). Unfortunately culture does not rate highly on the value scale (whatever that is exactly) when you’re more worried about getting the next pay check to pay the bills, or how bad the roads are for instance. It’s a shame because the long term benefits of a cultural focus can have a dramatic impact on people’s lives.

So knowing that this is an area that is often poorly funded and under supported I’m making it my goal to help turn things around. I’m now just waiting for an email back telling me what I can do!

In the interim I shall continue banging the drum as an Portsmouth Ambassador. If you’ve got some time to spare why don’t you get involved. Google shaping the Future of Portsmouth or Portsmouth Ambassadors if you want to know more.


Japan Update: My saving is going well and a decent plan of action is starting to develop. I’m thinking of three weeks away with a mixture of rural and urban adventure. The Lonely Planet book that Sophie and Ben Ward have got me is brilliant and I’ve already read up on a number of places that I’m totally going to visit. Next stage is to continue saving and to get a map of Japan so I can work out my grand plan!


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