The title of this blog relates to a word that I sent in an email to the planning department of Portsmouth City Council. I included other words in the email but this one was the one that carried the most, gravitas. To elaborate, I mentioned in my email to Portsmouth City Council (PCC) that I was tired of people describing Portsmouth as a ‘shithole’ and wanted to somehow get involved in turning this opinion around.

Before you run away to look at pictures of goats smiling, you may have heard me talking about getting involved in grand plans in the past. These were mostly pipe dreams which have sadly led to nothing, (here is a list of schemes that I have got involved with or thought about doing before mostly dropping them by the wayside):

Teaching, Special Constabulary (12 months), Games Journalist, Political Volunteer (1 whole shitty day), Author (still in progress), Portsmouth Ambassador (very casual involvement).

So what makes this latest endeavour different from my former plans? Well Mutley, I have always wanted to try and help improve the future of the place that I live. The Police was one option but you are ultimately societies dustman – dealing with the rubbish left over when all other support fails someone. Teaching would have been an excellent choice if I wasn’t painfully aware of how bloody hard teaching is. Supporting my local MP turned out to be more like volunteering to fight a war involving paper troops stuffed through doors. The more paper you throw at people the more likely they are to vote for you (that and not trying to have sex with your constituents).

Part of my other problems are that I look at my spare time as incredibly valuable. For instance, I could spend time in the back of a Police Transit dishing out on the spot fines but I’d rather be in bed with my wife. Or, I could pursue one of my many time consuming hobbies, meet with friends, watch a film or simply masturbate for a solid hour. Most of these options turn out to be far more appealing than sitting in a transit van at 1 in the morning.

What I need is something that allows me to make a difference. Preferably at home where I can sit at the very digital word-easel that is in front of me. I need something that allows me to flex my creative muscles in order to both please myself, and benefit others. I have been told many a time that what I write often resonates with people in a positive way.  I also know I would never be able to achieve the same effect by simply talking to people. My words can carry such great weight but I know that I wish to apply this force in a far more beneficial manner than just pleasing myself.

So, I sent an email to PCC. Because of that email I met a good man with a great vision for the city. He has basically offered me a chance at helping shape Portsmouth future.

I now need to find a niche where I will be of most benefit and then grow and flower and develop my rhetoric to a point where I can help save the city that I so adore.

I’ll keep you posted with my developments. Now, please. Go out and do the same if you have a passion for something. Carpe Diem dear reader.


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