‘Vengeance’ Tactical Assault Cadre


The Vengeance Tactical Assault Cadre is one of two Assault Cadre’s that exist within the Dian systems Uash’o (Imperial Translation – System Command). Overall Command for Vengeance lies in the hands of Shas’o O’Ren a capable commander whose qualities were demonstrated during the pacification of the Dian System. O’Ren’s lightning assaults on Imperial Strategic Command Posts crippled early response to the Tau Invasion and as the war continued O’Ren’s La’Rua fought countless surgical strikes that picked out and destroyed isolated enemy positions and defences across the system.

Organisational Structure:

As the Dian System has gradually embraced Tau Government, O’Ren’s Cadre is now a rapid reaction force to be used against Imperial insurgents, Traitor Legion Remenants as well as Eldar Pirates and other Alien foes who do not follow the Greater Good. Most of the Dian System is under Tau control but there are still a large number of Imperial Troops and Traitors who fight a guerilla war against Tau positions. O’Ren has been tasked with the clear up of these camps as well as other larger forces that may threaten the system.


Shas’O O’Ren Crisis Suit Commander

Shas’El Vortan Crisis Suit Knight

Shas’El Tah’Ren Crisis Suit Knight

9 Crisis Teams. 3 Shas’Vre in each.

120 Firewarriors in 12 Fire Teams.

20 Pathfinders

20 Stealth Team Members

200 Gue’Vesa in 10 Teams.

6 Sky Rays

6 Hammerheads

12 Devil Fish, 6 Piranhas.

8 Orca Drop Ships and 1 Manta.


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