Last ride of the day.

Have you ever been to a theme park and stayed to the end of the day? I’m sure you have but just in case you haven’t I’ll describe it to you:

You’ve spent hours of your day queuing for rides and waiting to do the things you want to do. There are crowds and noise and to be fair that’s part of the whole experience. But at the end of the day the theme park gets sleepy and the kids go home with their parents. The tourist numbers in the park dwindle and you and the few people who remain get to go on all the rides again in record time. You have the same thrills, the same joy and the same excitement without the chore of queuing next to screaming teenagers.


This experience happend to me years ago when I went to Port Aventura in Spain. My cousin and I had the utter joy of hearing Dj Otzi’s Hey Baby sung constantly during the day by Spanish teenagers. We queued for an eternity for some rides and the pushing and the shoving and the sheer heat was pretty intolerable. The atmosphere of being around so many happy people was infectious but it wasn’t until the end of the day that I realised what fun I could have. Fitting in all the rides again twice was a pretty sweet end to a day of queuing.

Coming late to the party can sometimes turn out to be the best decision you can make. I recently picked up Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. This is a game that came out a couple of years ago to the usual fanfare and ridiculous sales figures. I skipped this instalment in the series and instead quietly enjoyed other games that came out at the time. In the end this worked out as a good decision. The flaws in the game had been ironed out, the casual players have drifted on to the latest FPS’s and the new consoles. What is left now are the people who still love the game and those who have no choice to play it due to whatever their circumstances are – regardless of the scenario they seem to care about their game playing. The net result is that I enjoy my games more too.


There has been much said about the problems that exist around the latest Battlefield game. The servers crash out, there are cheating players exploiting glitches – it’s a pain in the arse for someone like me who just wants to play a proper game without trying to break the rules. I was bought the previous instalment of Battlefield a few years back by my wife. It was a lovely gift and she got it for me on launch day. All I think she heard me say after a few weeks was the phrase ‘fucking lag’. It was broken and problems lingered for months before getting sorted by the developers. The gift and surprise was lovely. The problems with the game were not.

There seems to be so much emphasis on people getting things right now. You’re told you will miss out if you don’t get in somewhere soon. Buy buy buy before it’s gone! Only 500 copies available.

As a human being you have it in you to make the right decision in life. You have the right to decide whether you really need to spend £40 on a brand new game now or buy, say Bioshock Infinite, for less than half the price half a year later. You can choose to go and get to a theme park early in order to get as much value for your ticket price, or maybe go later and still enjoy yourself but miss the horrors of theme park car parks.

Ultimately, it’s generally never to late to do something you want. The only thing to make sure you do get round to doing it eventually.



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