Order from the chaos…

I managed to finish assembling all my chaos space marines this weekend. I’ve also been working on the history of the chapter and also managed to play one game! I’ll address all of these points in order.

Firstly the models. I’m still mightily impressed by the quality and the detail on the models. The chosen in particular are beautiful. Below are pictures of each unit and some comments about how they performed in the battle:


Hellbrute – fantastic figure and genuinely terrifying to my opponent before he realised it was basically just a dreadnought. The HB tried its best to destroy Mo’s forces before having a ‘man-o-man’ with a Space Marine dreadnought proper. Which the HB lost.


Chosen – didn’t see the field of battle (only played 500pts) but again – beautiful models.

Chaos Lord

Chaos Lord – This guy is both an awesome figure and a combat monster. Unfortunately he ended up facing a squad of devastators who, though the lord did eventually manage to butcher them, annihilated his bodyguards.

Chaos Space Marines

Chaos Space Marines – I’ve kept the Boltguns off so I can paint the models more easily but I’m still impressed by the models in general. I think it was Jes Goodwin who designed them and the guy deserves a medal for creating such a pleasing unit to both assemble and look at. They sucked in the game though.

Close Combat Cultists

Ranged Cultists

Cultists – I’ve always had a soft spot for these guys since the second edition of 40K and now they have beautiful new models to boot. Word to the wise – always equip the models with auto-guns – they just don’t do anything useful with their auto-pistols especially if you are on the offensive and against marines! Cheap ‘meat shields’ though and they are hard to dislodge with shooting when they are in cover.


So did I win against Mo’s Imperial Fists? Well no. We played Purge the Alien and he had ranged fire-power. It was always going to be a bit one sided. We played till conclusion though (never give up – you can only really learn when you are physically playing!) and I learnt what did well and what was not so good at this time (summed up in the unit descriptions).

My next purchase will need to be some heavy support and some rhino’s/jump troops. but I will not be doing this until I’ve painted up this batch. Which leads me to…


Painting! I’ll be sticking with Alpha Legion colours but creating my own little wing of those crazy space terrorists. I’ve got some more paints to do the base colours and I’ll probably get cracking with the cultists first to get something colourful on the board! The history of the army should be online in the next few days. Watch this space I guess.


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