For Chaos…

Typically, after hitting a high point with my Tau I have managed to destroy all future progress by buying a new army. I now have a small selection of Chaos Space Marines from the Dark Vengeance set which, to be honest, are utterly beautiful miniatures. I’ve posted a selection of the models here in case you don’t know how to Google “Dark Vengeance Chaos Space Marines”. I also bought a Chaos Space Marine Squad which seem to be pretty cool and not too dated (read: they’re aren’t Khorne Berserker).


Why Chaos? Well I’ve always liked the Alpha Legion and their ‘Space Terrorist’ ways. I’ll probably write up some fluff for the army in the next few days.

Oh and as an extra plus, my Tallarn Desert Raiders are basically the best troops to proxy as Cultists, or basically the ‘Space Taliban’. Watch this space I guess!


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