You may have heard of the TV series, Scandimania, cheerfully propping up Sunday night. I winced at the appalling title and braced myself for the depressing upper-middle-class-ness of Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall. People may have found the title humorous, and may well love Hugh’s jolly perfect life (he might have a terminal illness for all I know but that doesn’t stop him from coming across like a massive wanker). Regardless of you views of the former, the fact that there was a program about our frozen Neighbours with their super-high levels of happiness was enough to make me tune in.

Episode 1 focussed on Sweden and depressingly Hugh managed to look at three things which EVERY PERSON ON THE FUCKING PLANET KNOWS ABOUT SWEDEN. Yes that’s right, half the program seemed to be spent telling you stuff you already knew; Volvo, Ikea and Abba are things from Sweden if you didn’t know or, perhaps, are Amy Childs. Thanks Hugh.

Nonetheless Hugh did manage to show some pretty cool stuff along the way, including a flat pack block of flats and the other side of the Sweedish happy bubble – those poor people who rioted last year and stuff. Here’s an image of it if you don’t believe it happened.

Oh no my car!
Oh no my car!

Anyway, episode 1 was a bit hit and miss. I thought I’d head back for the Danish based episode 2 just in case his travels through Denmark wasn’t all about Vikings. Hugh couldn’t resist talking about the fucking obvious (the Danes do great Crime Drama!) but ultimately he managed to avoid most of the clichés and provided me with a wealth of interesting information. Choice facts were:

Cycling as an activity is huge.

They’re really ecologically minded.

They pay a high rate of tax but are happy with this fact. In fact most Danes trust the State.

Their Architecture is amazing see below:

Okay so most of the above you may have heard of. The main thing that I liked is that the Dane’s seem like a really positive bunch of people. There is always doom and gloom in Britain but the Danes seem to just be pretty ruddy happy. I have no idea why this is but like a 90’s Science Fiction flick – I would definitely like to know more.

So cheers Hugh, I now want to visit Denmark. You are still a massive wanker.

Scandimania is on Channel 4, Sunday at 20:00. 


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