Riptide Nearing Completion

Jesus Christ this model was a bitch to paint. I am now tantalisingly close to completing this monster and I am truly excited to get the model on the battlefield. I’ve got a couple of shots here for the world to see followed by a nice shot of the Army that requires a fuckton of work.


I’m pretty happy with it all but as always I know there is a ton of extra work to do. On a side note I’ve managed to get some trees finally for our gaming group. We now have a pretty awesome looking battlefield and I will hopefully get some decent shots of it all in the near future!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Peter says:

    Looking nice, yeah a load of work to do on ur army….but all good

    1. syndathim says:

      It’s taking forever. I also have Lizardmen, Tomb Kings and Chaos Space Marines on the go so it’s a non stop saga lol.

      Thanks for the comment and like.

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