The World of my Imagination

I am writing a book. It’s basically going to take forever but I want to create a story featuring as many of the things I love as possible. It is a purely selfish activity that I will only share if it’s any good. It may be a collection of short stories or a series of books or just one big sprawling epic but ultimately it will be mine and I cannot wait to finally start writing.

Creating the world of my imagination is going to be a pretty arduous task purely because there is so much I want to get into the story. I have never written a short story before, let alone a book, and the process of creating the book is really fascinating. Every writer surely takes a different approach to developing and then writing their story and I can’t imagine there is a set way to write (though actual novelist may well disagree).

I’m assuming that right now you are wondering what the novel is about and I would be cruel to simply say I can’t say anything; even though in reality I would rather keep things secret. Instead I’ll tell you this – I am stealing ever idea under the sun and re-branding it as my own.

For many years I was fearful of stealing ideas because I thought that originality was the most important thing in the world. What I have realised is that you can be original but often you have to take a scenario or convention that has been used before and rehash it in your own way. With this in mind my novel will be Science Fiction with a heavy emphasis on how humans never really change even though their environments do. The scenarios I create in the novel will highlight how much humanity can accomplish but yet how low humans beings can go in their attempts at societies progression.

There will be love, war, touching moments and brutal ones. Some characters you/I will love, some loath but ultimately they will all form part of a great novel with a simple premise; can human beings ever really change?

For now I must go back to researching everything to make my world both fantastic yet plausible. I hope that one day I get to read it and, you never know, you might get to read it too.

To the future.


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