Finding your USP: Or how to stand out from the crowd.

Unique Selling Point –
don draper thumb 1970s
I am not Don Draper. I am also not Jon Hamm which would be awesome because I’m sure my sex life would have exploded by now because I’d be Jon-ruddy-Hamm. No sadly I’m just me; a unique human being who is as unique as the readers of this blog. Roughly translated I mean we are all identically average unless you have a fuck ton of money, celebrity status or Richard Branson’s right nipple. Which you don’t and probably never will.

This blog exists primarily to appease my ego. I write stuff and people sometimes comment. It definitely gets looked at and maybe even read. Any of these scenarios please me because it means that someone has either gained something from my writing or just clicked on here to look at one of the bizarre pictures that I sometimes use.


What am I trying to say? I’m trying to say that if we are all unique then how come most of us seem to merge into one class of human being. We work. Pay taxes. Grow old. Die. Our children will generally repeat this process. Sure, we can dress ourselves differently or have different facial features. Some escape this mould and get to adorn newspapers and magazines; their editors praying for some naughty slip up to rip the poor fallen idol to shreds.

I’ve always been a fan of people who pursue their dreams and achieve their goals. I love it when my Facebook page reveals somebody doing something that they love. Artists giving things a go. Careers blossoming. Seeing people doing stuff that makes them happy, makes me happy. I’m looking forward to seeing two artists work over the next week – both friends of mine.

Shameless Advertising.
Shameless Advertising.

I know I like to write. I like to argue and discuss. In the written form you can pour your heart out, line after line, and if people read to the end then you have steered the reader through your own written thoughts in order to get to their own conclusion. It’s like in soaps and film where dialogue is usually unbroken and people can pretty much knock out a full on soliloquy without a moments interruption. I love it when I get that eureka moments when reading something and go – ‘oh I get it!’

What is my USP though? I write, but what makes me stand out from the crowd. I could debase myself and basically do the Kim K/Paris Hilton approach and use shock tactics on people so they know who I am. LOOK AT ME I HAVE CRAZY HAIR! Twats.


I can continue slowly building up a readership by posting thoughts regularly. I am getting a lot more than the mighty ten hits a week I received when this blog first started but still far from what I feel is right.

I have to find my USP. The thing that makes this ‘not just another blog about life’. I guess experimentation is the key. See what gets the most internet traffic and go from there. Having said that, the most popular blog a wrote about so far is one on my Tau army for Warhammer and that doesn’t really fit into what I want to say.

Hmm. Stream of conciousness almost at a close. I’ve enjoyed writing this for myself and feel better for it. Sorry if you’ve got to this point and wondered, ‘wait, what is your point? What have I gained from this?’ My answer to that is whatever you want. This blog is as much for me as it is for you. Unfortunately that means that sometimes I have to be selfish in order to feel the desire to go forwards.


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