On the Unachievable: or How I suck at Street Fighter

I’ve been gaming for many years now and to be honest I’m not half bad at what I do. I’ll decimate my foes in Total War games, Manipulate the fuck out of society in Civilisation and sometimes pull off some amazing skills in First Person Shooters. But by God I suck at Street Fighter.


I’ve been playing Street Fighter games since SF2 first came out on the SNES. I’ve only owned some of the spin-off’s but I’ve definitely had my fill of the various games. And despite almost two decades of button mashing I just can’t seem to play well (probably because of the button mashing). I used to play Soul Calibur 2 with a mate at uni and we both got amazing at that game. Street Fighter though? Like a dolphin trying to fuck a giraffe. I’m shocking.

I will still try and get to grips with it and have just forked out a tenner to play the Street Fighter 2 HD remix ( here’s a list of the many versions). I don’t know what it is specifically that makes me love to play it? I guess it’s like that girl that you just can’t get or that goal that you’re still trying to reach (bit worrying that one of my goals is to be okay at Street Fighter but hey ho). I will persevere.


Or, then again, should I just not bother. Are there things in life that are beyond human scope? For all the simplicity of this topic it highlights a key problem – some people seem to be incapable of achieving certain goals no matter how hard they try. Or maybe I am just incapable of trying to reach certain goals. I ram advice down peoples throats till the sun goes down and they seem to reach the goals that they want – or do they? Do you?

Steven Hawking is defying medical research simply by living. We have propelled people into space on rockets full of volatile fuel and generally managed to get them back in one piece again. An old acquaintance of mine got three limbs blown off in Afghanistan but has just had an amazing house built for him and his family on Grand Designs. Humans just don’t give up. Humans shouldn’t give up on what makes them happy and they sure as hell shouldn’t give up on living their lives to the full.

What about me though? I really paused before starting to write this sentence because I genuinely wondered what I have to talk about. I have a relatively idle life. My wife is ploughing on with multiple massive changes to her life (thankfully I’m not one of them) and I really admire and am supporting what she is doing. I seem to just be happy to exist but not necessarily worry about what to achieve (except for Street Fighter l33tskilz).

Don’t get me wrong their are things in my life that are amazing and I am one lucky bastard at times. But I’m at a crossroads staring at two possible options and I don’t know whether to pursue one option, explore both or just turn around and go back. I’m a drifting ship riding a wave of apathy.

Fuck it – about ten thousand people just died in the Philippines and half a million and more have had their lives ruined. They don’t have anything. I just have to do something with what I have.

Notebook time. Oh and back to Street Fighter. Watch this space.


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