I last wrote on here on the second of June and almost four months on and I’m finally back. The reason for the absence is partly down to the summer sun, house hunting and general awesomeness such as weddings and dancing like a fool. The other reason for the lack of creative brain farts (or blogs as they are commonly known) is down to my feeling that everything I was writing was a little stale. I seemed to always loop back to the same themes and that was boring to me; therefore it would probably be boring for you too. My draft section of this blog is massive as a result.


So why am I writing now? Have I been sat in some monastery contemplating life or spent some time in a foreign land contemplating life? Of course I haven’t. I’ve been walking the same streets, doing the same job and generally seeing the same people and doing the same things. Like a ghost town, my brains creative resources have dried up, the shops selling my mental wares have shut down and people left to find new, more exciting things.

Art imitates life apparently and so I can only describe my Blog’s last four months as the creative equivalent of Detroit or the North of England after Margaret Thatcher’s policies took effect.

So what to do then? Do I continue to mine for more creative juices? I can still write about my Tau because that’s an ongoing project. But should I go back to bemoaning some people’s lack of drive/general idiocy? What about putting the world to rights? My simple answer to that is yes – but in time and if the opportunity presents itself. Right now the only reason I’m am writing is that my mind found a void into which I could travel and as I write this very sentence I am purely searching through the thoughts which this new avenue brings up. I’m basically leaving home and going on a gap year, eating sushi and meeting people with a different language to me – but on a mental level.


In the real world I have met some fantastic new people who have really opened up my mind to different ways of thinking. I’ve started reading Judge Dredd comics which may sound laughable but it’s a different avenue for my conciousness to travel down. Imagine going to the same restaurant every week and ordering the same meal day in day out – it would be pretty fucking terrible. I suppose some people could say that that is comforting but in my eyes I want to try all sorts of different things and explore all different avenues. I’ve got another one – only having sex in the same position for the rest of your life. That would suck (or not as the case may be for you).

It is important to have diversity on not just a personal level but in general. It expands your horizons and opens your mind. This Saturday I’ll be moving house. I’ll be in a different area, with different people and to be honest I am relishing a pint in a new pub. This time next week I’ll hopefully be at a gig watching a friend play on her ukulele – that’ll be different. Having said that I am also looking forward to seeing old friends and playing with my Tau.


I suppose it’s ultimately a balance between keeping the things that are good and getting rid of the things that become tired, worn out or boring. So here’s to a new home and the new adventures it brings.


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