Social Shockwaves

Respect. It’s a simple word that doesn’t seem to be fully understood. People seem to think it means that we all have to love each other but it doesn’t. Here’s what Wikipedia says: Respect: A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. By this definition we should only respect something or someone that we admire.

In this era, we hear a lot about respecting other people. We are told we should respect other communities, nations, people and their cats. Definitely their cats. Dogs are fair game. You can laugh at dogs and dogs just laugh straight back; not really knowing why anyone is laughing in the first place but just being happy to be involved in anything.

I don’t respect much that surrounds me. There are some things and some people who I have a healthy respect for but the majority of people and places and cats I just couldn’t give toss about. For example, I respect gravity because of its ability to keep me on the Earth and not in space. Contrarily, I have no respect for Jordan (sorry, Katie Price) and her constant ability to plum the depths of stupidity.

BUT! Wait a second dear reader! Come back here before you go off to tell Jordan (sorry, former Mrs Andre/Reid) how much I don’t respect her. You see, I may not respect that bumbling piece of plastic but you, yes you, can. You can respect who the fuck you want. If you’re an EDL supporter you can support and respect Islamaphobia. If you are a would be terrorist then you can respect those two twats in Woolwich. Respect is a pointless quality because it is up the individual to decide what is respectful. Asking someone to be respectful of something is basically saying that they are wrong and you are right. Which means you obviously don’t respect them.

It’s a tricky situation isn’t it? If we are not allowed to tell people to respect something because they have the right to respect what they want then who gets to decide what we’re all supposed to admire and adulate? One man’s freedom fighter is another persons terrorist and all that. Do you support the Syrian rebels as they fight their oppressor or do you feel sorry for the loyalist troop who had his heart eaten on camera?

I’m rambling as usual but all I know is the world can certainly agree on one something that deserves respect: Chaos. And we all know there’s a lot of that around at the moment.


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