And they shall know no fear…

In four days time I will be in Anvil, a small town where men and women of the Empire are meeting together to sort out the power vacuum left after the death of the Empress Britta. I won’t give two fucks about that though as my character is simply there to make money and forget about the past. I hate my dad and my brothers are dead. I’ve banded together with some survivors from a burned Hold and they respect me for the fact I’ll help them win back their honour.


Roughly translated I’ll be sat in a field drinking beer and complaining about the mud and cold and wishing I was spending the time with Lucy. Then I’ll get to hit something and feel much better. Or marvel about the scale. Oh and laugh; LARP is hilarious for all the right reasons.I’ve been Larping for over a decade and it is a wonderful hobby. There was a time that I used to hold back from telling people what I did because I felt like I would get destroyed socially. Now I embrace it and it’s as much a part of me as any of my other hobbies; Games Workshop and Computer Games. It’s great to be honest about what I do for fun because I know some people still hide the truth from their friends and colleagues.


Somehow since I became more open about what I do for fun my life started to improve. I actually became more successful with relationships and friendships. My openness and honesty enabled me to throw aside caution and dive into life just like a Space Marine would charge into a fight. Most of my closest friends now LARP thanks to me in some way or another – I learnt I could sell something that I was passionate about and people would listen. I find it incredibly easy to get along with people as a result.

Lucy and I will be married for three years this year and we share very little in common. She knew I dressed up and hit people with swords. She knew I painted toy soldiers. She knew I was honest. It probably helped that I was a Special Constable then but even now I know she loves me because I am completely genuine.

There are a lot of people who don’t seem to be happy with their lives – I can’t help but feel it’s because they aren’t true to themselves. Embrace your life and live it to the full. Don’t be ashamed of what you do and if there is something you don’t like change it. Most importantly I believe you get from life precisely what you put in. If you lie and cheat and hide like a coward from your true self then you are worthless.

“If one doesn’t respect oneself one can have neither respect or love for others” Ayn Rand once said. It was true then and it is true now. I’m off to LARP because I love it, I have a wife because I love her and I have amazing friends because we are true to each other. 


Oh and lets face it. Who doesn’t want to spend a weekend killing Orcs?


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