History of the Dian System Part 1.


The Dian System is made up of six planets circling a single star. The following descriptions are Imperial References:

  • Ghost of Dian: An unstable world wracked by lightning storms and acid rain.
  • Dian Prime: A medium density Hive world.
  • Dian Secondus: An Imperial Training planet and Hab world
  • Harvest of Dian: An Agri World
  • Forge of Dian: A Mechanicum World
  • Eye of Dian: A Frozen Hab World.

Harvest of Dian:

Harvest is the fourth planet in the former Imperial held system of Dian. Under it’s former rulers Harvest was given over almost entirely to agriculture. It’s crops would be shipped to Imperial worlds all over the sector and it’s population was under strict quotas from it’s former governor. What was little known at the time is that the Governor (and in fact the overall Imperial Government for the system) was corrupt. Most of the resources of the system were given to pirate fleets who were bribed into attacking many of the nearby systems. These assaults would ensure that Imperial Monitors would focus on the conflict zones elsewhere and not the Dian System where a chaos cult was growing in strength from the top down. Their eventual aims were unclear but records show that Ibrahim Valetti, Planetary Governor of Dian Prime aimed to gather the strength of a Traitor Legion and unleash it on his weakened galactic neighbours. This was until a Tau expansion fleet arrived.

The arrival of the Tau:

When the Tau arrived, Water Cast negotiators landed covertly on the Dian Systems fifth world; a Manufactorum Planet known as the Forge of Dian. The Governor on this world was already suspicious of Ibrahim Valetti’s activities and when the Tau arrived Forge’s Governor was skilfully manipulated to keep quiet about his interactions with the Tau negotiators. The Tau provided evidence of the Governors Valetti’s plotting to Forges leader and highlighted how dire the loyalist planets situation was. The System Governor held the main military power in the system, his generals were hand picked and there were rumours of Traitor legions in their midst. The loyalist troops would not be able to stand against the might of the Dian Traitor forces. At the edge of the Imperium, with the majority of their former friends turning to chaos the loyalists were given two options. One was to accept protection from the Tau under the agreement that once the war was over the worlds would no longer be Imperial held but part of the Tau Empire. The second was for the Tau to wait until the war was over where they would claim the planets by force. The loyalists picked the sensible option.

System War:

Total War ensued soon after the loyalists agreed to join the Tau Dominion. The Tau launched a series of surprise attacks on the main Dian fleet, crippling many at anchor. Stealth teams landed across the system and assault cadres blitzed local defence stations and Imperial Army locations. Traitor forces counter attacked, massing to defeat the main Tau fleet in orbit around the system capitol. The Tau and Traitor Forces traded blows for over half an hour until the Tau Fleet finally sped off in retreat. Galvanised the Traitor forces pursued earnestly – keen to wipe out the remaining tau fleets. It was at this point that the Battle Group Commander played his trap. A Tau stealth fleet emerged amidst the centre of the Traitors Pursuit group. Drone mine layers proceeded to disgorge their cargoes in a spinning action sending their mines, and the traitor fleet, into chaos. In the confusion the Tau fleet poured punishing fire-power into the scattered and uncoordinated Traitors. In ten minutes the main strength of the Dian armada was annihilated.

As news filtered around the Dian system of the loss of their navy, Assault Cadres launched their attacks against the main defences of the various traitor planets. Loyalist troops also fought alongside some of the Cadres and enabled the shutdown of virtually all communications and orbital defence. Realising their impending doom and with their ground forces under attack seemingly from all sides the Traitorous Governors fled into space with the remnants of Dian Prime’s ground troops.

The reconstruction of worlds:

With the loyalist Gue’la able to negotiate with the populations of the previously held traitor planets the transition to Tau rule was generally straightforward. Life in the east of the Imperium is one of isolation and relative poverty. The Tau provided a life of simplicity and comfort in comparison – no tithes, no conscription and balance; all overseen by skilled Tau Caste members. The Tau rebuilt communication networks and infrastructure at a rapid rate. Damaged Colonies were repaired and new Tau structures and defence grids were introduced. Part of the expansion fleet remained as a permanent garrison for the system including the Vengeance Tactical Assault Cadre that worked closely with Gue’vesa troops.

Dian Today:

The Dian system is a prosperous hub of the Tau Empire. Trade is strong and the population stable. Minimal Tau troops are needed to support the population and there are a number of Gue’vesa Combat Groups that work in conjunction with our Firewarriors. It is a reassuring example of the superiority of the Greater Good.


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