Brainstorming after a mental void…

Not sure if you noticed but my Tau stuff on this blog may have hit a bit of a mental barrier. Between my internet dying a while back and general life getting in the way I hit a proper creative lull in December. Finally though, I’ve plucked up the courage to get down to doing some Tau related stuff.

Part of my apathy has come from the direction that my Tau Force was going. I sat down and painted a Battlesuit which you may have seen here. I’d always thought that I wanted my army to look like the lovely Eavy Metal models that adorn the page of White Dwarf and the Games Workshop website. The reality was that I ended up copying something which would always look better in comparison. Every time I look at my Battlesuit I think of the basic Tau scheme and only see it in a basic way. It’s nice but dull which should be the opposite of the Tau army for me.

So what do I need to galvanise my enthusiasm  Well firstly I need to come up with a new colour scheme. My Lizardman army features some funky orange Skinks with Blue fins. I love them and more importantly they are very individual. Secondly, I should give my army some decent background. Without a background I can’t enjoy my painting as I can’t visualise where the troops I’m painting came from.

Lets look at the facts. Tau are Colonisers pure and simple. They have a unshakable belief that they are the true leaders for the universe and that their culture and ideology will unite all races that are willing to join the Greater Good. What echoes in my mind here is the idea of Colonial Britain. Britannia ruling the waves in the empire where the sun never set. The armed forces that protected this empire – the Redcoats. Missionaries would spread culture and faith and Britain’s superior weaponry and tactics allowed them to triumph against superior forces again and again (obviously until it fell apart). Why not an army of Redcoats then? My Water caste negotiators are my missionaries enlightening the backwater worlds that surround my empire. My Cadres? I guess the equivalent of British Regiments led by generals. I naturally have some natives around me but who to use? Well I like Gu’vesa so why not them as Kroot?

So my colour scheme is simple then. Redcoats all the way. I guess it will be best for me to have an example to use so here it is:


I’ve got a squad of under-coated Firewarriors downstairs. I’ll be able to get these painted up pretty quickly as far as I can see. Now all I need to do is get some bastardised British history written up as my army fluff. I’m excited again! Hooray!


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