To the future…

As we step blindly into the delights of another year on Planet Earth I find myself, as always, looking forward to what lies ahead. This may sound obvious (shouldn’t we all be looking to the future rather than the past) but the truth is that many of us let the past consume us to various extents. Progress is surely far more satisfying than nostalgia and certainly better than opening up old mental wounds.

Talking of progress, I’m currently ploughing my way through three books, one of which is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s autobiography.  His life is by no means perfect but I love the fact that he is a living tribute to the American Dream. Being an immigrant who couldn’t speak English and making yourself known through bodybuilding shouldn’t normally put you in a position to become governor of the eighth largest economy in the world. Christ could you imagine the Daily Mail’s reaction to that over here? Who next, Abu Hamza?


The fact is though I admire Schwarzenegger’s drive. He’s a guy that went out to become a big celebrity and his personal Journey is a testament to the fact that in life anything is possible if you work hard enough. Epic fail on the shagging your maid thing though; what a shit eh?

As well as people, the world is full of some pretty amazing things and I love the fact that today a girl who had been shot in the head just walked out of hospital and a man has a dead man’s hand attached which should function fully in time. If someone told me twenty years ago that there would be a car that could drive itself I would have ripped them apart like Arnie destroying the Johnny Cab driver in Total Recall.


We live in a fantastic age and a brilliant country. Life for most of us may not reach the heady heights and grandeur of others but we can at least appreciate the wonders that are offered to us. If they truly drive you like the appeal of America drove Schwarzenegger to his future then good on you. I adore driven individuals and I think their focus and drive has an attractiveness that draws people to it in it’s wake.


The future is what you make of it and I’m looking forward to making the most of my year. Hopefully you’ll see what I mean by that at the end of 2013.


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