Huzzah! This blog has worked miracles! I’ve actually painted something and in a fairly reasonable time frame too considering my otherwise hectic schedule of scooping up Monty’s shit and trying to stop Juno from eating cables.

Battlesuit with Gun Drones.

So here it is. My first Battlesuit. In real world terms it’s a bit of expensive plastic which you have to build and paint yourself. In Games Workshop terms it’s a death dealing weapons platform piloted by an elite Tau soldier. It’s kitted out with a missile launcher which in game terms is useful for blowing shit up and a plasma gun which is also useful for blowing shit up. In real world terms it’s more expensive plastic.

Hand painted details like the symbol on the back are all over the suit but i’m going to add more as the Battlesuit does stuff in games.

But what are those two little things next to the Battlesuit. Oh yeah they’re Gun Drones. Basically just like in Afghanistan (and more likely Pakistan) the alien race of Tau make great use of intelligent drones for killing people. In real world terms it’s more expensive plastic.

Top details for Gun Drones.

Seriously though, i’m happy with the result so far. I;ve done a very basic paint scheme on it with zero highlights. Considering there will likely be about 10 of these in my army I cannot be bothered to go crazy making my little toy Battlesuit look pimp-shazzam. I’ll probably lose it to an orbital strike in the first turn of the game anyway.

The good news is that having completed this model I can now buy some Firewarriors. I liked these models since I first saw them 10 years ago (when they were £12 a box set instead of £22.50). The benefit of having more disposable income is that I can now forge ahead with buying these guys limited only by how quickly I get the models painted.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amy says:

    Wow! I feel slightly enlightened and confused at the same time, jobs a good’un. X

  2. syndathim says:

    Confusing and enlightening you? Well this blog is pretty much open to interpretation lol.

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