And the beat goes on…

…and on.

So things aren’t too shaby at the mo. After things progressively got worse during my sickness episode I now seem to be building up for some pretty epic events (by my standards at least). Firstly there are a whole three weddings coming up next year, one of which will require me to actually be awesome with Ted as Best Men ™. Lucy’s birthday is coming up pretty fast and I’m looking forward to locking her away for the day and playing Halo 4 (seems only fair to me). Obviously there’s all the Christmas stuff rolling in like a tidal wave and I won’t lie when I say that I am looking forward to the Coca-Cola advert and also getting the house all cosy. Christmas can be awesome as far as I’m concerned. The only downside being that I actually have to buy presents for other people and offer rubbish help on Christmas day when all I want to do is play toy soldiers and eat my bodyweight in Turkey.

Life is progressing nicely then and It’s good to pat myself on the back and go, “good work” (for the record I actually do this – if I could pat my ego I would too). Speaking of which I’ve just spent part of my afternoon helping Cooper sort out her blog/etsy shop/phone and all sorts of other stuff. She actually used the phrase ‘I love you’ which means that I may have done something good. Huzzah! I am now feeling suitably manly which will justify an evenings lazing. Or, alternatively, blog writing; which is as therapeutic to me as a blow job is to a president by his secretary. Barrack you sly dog – I’ve seen you on the Monsters of Cock website so don’t act all coy.

Anyway going back to helping Cooper, my little act of kindness highlighted something for me – Helping out someone and getting things done are both actually quite rewarding! I know I couldn’t believe it either. As much as I hate to admit it, sometimes it’s nice to be productive rather than just parking my skinny arse on the sofa and blowing up digital bad guys*. Guess you learn new things everyday…

Oh and for the record my Tau adventures are still continuing but as you may have noticed you can now filter most of the categories of my Blog at the top. Yep that’s it! A little higher! Nope that’s a picture of Tokyo – you’ve gone to far. Yep! That’s it right there – all the links you need. I might eventually add on one for BBC News, IGN and Keez movie’s just so that I can make my blog my homepage and have everything I need in one place.

*By way of contradiction (is that even a phrase?) tomorrow I am heading up to Ted’s to play a fuck-ton of Civilisation 4. Why? Because who doesn’t want to rule the world. Megalomania for the win!


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