The Eastern Fringe.

Big mech suits flying through the sky blowing the shit out of troops with obscenely powerful guns are one of the things in life that make me moist. Unfortunately these don’t exist in life. If they did, I would be a big stompy mech suit pilot and spend my life blowing the shit out of ‘bad guys’. Luckily for me Games Workshop produce some teeny tiny model versions of what I like so in the interim I just have to play with those.

In an effort to ramp up my blogging adventures I will now be doing some Tau related blogs. It’s going to be the start of a project which I hope will spur on my painting and building efforts. Those who know me know that I have a lot of enthusiasm that usually dwindles as soon as something new comes into my life. I’m a bit like Monty Dog in that respect.

The Eastern Empire blog is my inspiration for all this. Its a phenomenally good website with some beautifully painted and converted troops. Equally inspirational is the Tau Advance Tactica website. They actually delete posts and lock threads if people digress into anything that is not useful or productive. This I like. The Tau are supposed to be a race with a clear vision for their future. Visually they  scream Manga and fluff wise they are all about precision, flexibility and idealism.

What I propose is this then; I aim to build a simple 2000 point army painted in a similar scheme to what you see here (all pictures from Eastern Empire blog btw). I also want to try and build some Tau Terrain to go with the army. When (if) I achieve this I will go on to some other projects including some human troops that have rebelled against the Imperium of Man. These will be heavily converted and will require a lot of time.

Example of Human Auxiliaries for Tau.

Any comments about future projects will be greatly appreciated and I will try and actually upload some pictures of stuff that is work in progress/finished.


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  1. syndathim says:

    All images used in this blog are sourced from the awesome blog.

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