Back to reality…

This last week has been interesting to say the least. Amongst other things I have enjoyed the most expensive breakfast I’ve ever had (£17 for two), suffered from a ridiculous cold which floored me for about four days and been to a friends house for a very sophisticated cheese and wine night (we still talked about sex – not with each other mind). This is on top of the usual mad cap antics of Mr and Mrs Smith as well as Juno the rabbit and Monty the dog (now sans balls).

This is not Monty, but appropriate nonetheless.

On the subject of balls; Cradling your dog and looking at the bloody remains of his nut sack is without doubt one of the more horrific things you can see. Added to that, due to an adverse reaction to anaesthetic Monty chipped two teeth pretty badly during a fit (thank god for pet insurance). Worst of all he has to spend ten days wearing a rather nifty pink collar to stop him touching ground zero; poor fucker.

It’s not all bad though. He’ll hopefully chill out the same way Juno does. She is without doubt the most hardcore yet chilled rabbit in the world. Foxes attacking her? Nah I’ll be all right. Multiple dogs chasing her round the house? Nope, you’ll have to try harder than that. Even a slight error with feeding guidelines that once made Juno go a bit Chandler in Friends didn’t phase her. She’s currently sat across the room from me nonchalantly eating her food while laying down in the bowl. Classy-Nom.

This is not Juno, but appropriate nonetheless. Can someone photoshop a pint into the picture as well?

On completely unrelated news the digital version of Lucy is still currently mind controlling aliens in X-Com, Game of Thrones is still awesome and Homeland continues to impress (SPOILER: I can’t believe Brody had an actual Nuclear Bomb in his rectum – gives a whole new meaning to dirty bomb). On the more mundane side of things as my strength returned to me over the weekend I managed to get down to some delightful household chores – I cleaned the solid patch of mould off the ceiling outside the bathroom, me and Lucy blitzed the whole house top to bottom and I even sorted out all my paperwork. All items in this paragraph have naturally been a way of stalling doing some other important tasks which I have been putting off for about a month.

Tomorrow I go back to work and in a perverse way I’m looking forward to it. I just want to get back into some routine and away from illness/animals/far to much cleaning. I’ve even gamed myself out and that’s a big thing to say (sickness plus laptop equals eight hours of Civilisation). I suppose it kind of feels like I’ve been stuck in limbo for a week and now I’m ready to carry on with the game of life.

Naturally my next blog will revolve around me saying the opposite to everything listed here. Such is life.


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