3, 2, 1…

wait. Not lift off, or go, but wait. Slow down. Just stop for two minutes and think about what you are doing. Rising for work, trying to avoid work, whatever activity you are doing stop and think. Think about life and think about its variety. Try not to see things in black and white but instead look at them in the way the world wishes you to see them; in every shade possible.

If the world was black and white then people far more intelligent then us would have sorted it a long time ago. Instead the world is full of people who do not fit the parameters that we expect or demand. There are people we hate and there are people we love. People take all shapes, sizes, colours and forms. People can divide nations and unite them under a way of thinking. People are multifaceted and unique and I could spend the next twenty minute trying to express all the ways that humans are differing beings. Ultimately the only thing that you should accept is that the world is full of people and that they are as entitled to have an existence as anyone; though I must admit that I draw the line with anything outside the law.

I have spent my life facing situations where my way of thinking is questioned. I have been accused of things that I do not feel is just. I have been declared weird, odd-ball and all sorts in between. Interestingly, I have never accused people of being wrong in what they think or feel. They are entitled to their opinions as much as I should be to mine and I would never be as childish to try and dictate how they should think.

It’s all about understanding though isn’t it. Keeping an open mind and listening to all the available facts and opinions. Safely sat in our cosy and warm houses we can take our time to make decisions about things based on the facts available. Is it best to come to a quick conclusion or the right one though? In a situation where immediate action is essential I can forgive those who must come to a conclusion quickly. But for those who simply grind away at the everyday, is it right to slap on a label to someone without really exploring all options?

As I float through the last thirty seconds of the song that you probably missed at the start of this blog I have to smile. Free-falling towards inevitable death I like to feel that I can look back at almost every situation in my life and realise that I have at least tried to understand my world a little more. More than that, I hope that my children can grow up with a richer understanding of life. Or, failing that, can make a lot of money out of exploiting those who are too stupid to appreciate theirs. It would be a damn sight easier and would at least provide lucrative results.

In fact. I think I just realised where the problems in this world lie, Intelligent people realise how to solve this world’s problems  while simultaneously realising how to exploit it at the same time. With a finite amount of time to spend on this world why waste it trying to help a generation that you may never see. Ah capitalism you seductive shit. I guess we are all greedy deep down.


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